Temple of Time – Installation

https://vimeo.com/97691103!.?.!The setup is housed inside

a deserted 20-foot shipping container at Southern Pine Company, Savannah Georgia in United States. The sidewalls are studded with 867 small clock devices as well as one big clock system, both with an affixed red used. Jointly, they develop a cacophony of ticking noises. The experience of strolling among the ticking clocks and also getting to completion of the container to see one’s own projected image with an omniscient perspective from a monitoring electronic camera affixed to the container ceiling. It develops the audience as the one being watched. Nevertheless, the one being seen is at the same time the viewer. A deconstruction of the well established idea of reviewing a clock and also transforming them into visual items is checked out in the setup-© Temple of Time (2014), Jagrut Raval.

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