Anonymland – a short animation

As long as we share our individual details with third celebrations, this term will be more included in our lives. We are heading in the direction of a future where we will certainly be ready to pay the costs to gain more personal privacy. What if this luxury of privacy starts to be commercialized in the future?

Why the software we use is designed to violate our privacy

In such situations, the exchange of customer information for complimentary solutions is well known, at least to many savvy customers. Numerous other items do not collect our private information.

Rather, they silently promote and allow information collection by various other celebrations. Unsurprisingly, the default worths for most of the devices we utilize have actually been picked to assure that most consumers will be tracked, and their individual data analyzed. Personal privacy does not come. This talk combines behavior business economics, recognition of Internet organisation versions, as well as a healthy and balanced dose of fear to assess among the key factors we have so little personal privacy online- because it would certainly limit the revenues of those whose totally free products and solutions we use. Chris held this talk at DeepSec 2011.

Omnipresence – Kassandra Production (May 16-24, 2017)!.?.!Omnipresence- Kassandra Production( 16.-24

. maj 2017). OMNIPRESENCE. Hvem overvåger hvem? Emergency room du klar til bootcamp? Tag plads i den mobile omnibus og bliv klogere den 16.-24. maj! OBS: Ekstra debatevent om masseovervågning og digitalt selvforsvar
den 22. maj med tech-guru Nikolaj Sonne( So Ein Ding )og whistleblowerekspert Peter Kofod. Læs plain og køb billet:
Are you prepared for bootcamp? Take a seat on the mobile Omnibus and
get obtain May 16th to 24th! Please note: Extra event on mass surveillance and also electronic self defense May 22nd with tech expert Nikolaj Sonne (So Ein Ding) as well as whistleblower-expert Peter Kofod.

Cheapskate Special: Eye in the Sky!.?.!Ever seen a video clip shot from a drone camera and also questioned if you’ll have the ability to get your own drone one day? It’ll depend on a series of choices the Federal Aviation Administration will be making over the next few years if you’re an American. In this special episode, the Cheapskate surveys the state of drone legislation in the U.S., reviews the gamers in the dispute, and also predicts the future of private drones.

How to Livestream Protests – USA!.?.!This video clip offers standard support on livestreaming objections securely and effectively, as well as advice on just how to grow and involve your viewers. Download our tip sheet on livestreaming objections right here:

Department of Smoke and Mirrors!.?.!The Department of Smoke and also Mirrors is a setup at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Wooster, MA, January-June, 2012. Curated by Lisa Fischman with assistance by Drew Anderson.

CCTV sousveillance in operation

Sousveillance implies bringing security down to human degree: making the individuals in control of the monitoring system. Looking inside provides you the sight of the monitoring cam on top of the post. The video clip first presents a sight on security by David Scharf, then it shows
our system in actionActivity