Internet of Shrimps (Summary)

Web of Shrimps analyzes in an ironic and
playful lively method industries Sectors promises assurances an enhanced improved in a completely entirely adjoined homeHouse often frequently acclaimed well-known the next big huge technical: the Internet web ThingsPoints Motivated by the commonly weak sales disagreements, Internet of Shrimps proposes an obscurity vision of the advantages being permanently linked with whatever. Web of shrimps is set in p5.js and runs in an internet browser.

Much more infos at: Vimeo currently blocks the Download Button in the Free Version. Please call me if you require a regional variation for your computer system.

Mailbox Watchdog!.?.!This Video shows the operations and also feature collection of my project named” MailboxWatchdog”, a monitoring system for mail boxes. The task is component of the program” Interactive Systems”talked by Prof. Dr.-Ing Thomas Rist in the summertime term 2017 at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg.

Ghost Hunter

If the gamer misses the possibility or clicks after the shadow has actually passed, the other” gamer”receives a point. If one effectively photographs the darkness, the player gets a point. The game has a feeling of security, it is just the proximity analyses on an IR rangefinder from which the player is receiving signals that are producing the shadow, providing the gamer the tip of another player’s visibility.

This job was set up at Game Show NYC in the Macy Gallery at Columbia University, New York. This video clip was picked for the online Multimedia Showcase 2011 of Park Art Magazine.


Today we are
living in a digital electronic. A world comprised of a convoluted soliloquy of data transfer. A globe where bytes are our money, and details is our crack.

Our objects are no longer neutral pleasures of everday life. The world is viewing. Just how can we protect ourselves versus a world so unreliable, as well as discreet?

When the outfit detects the existence of protection cameras, it involves by raising its arms. The closer the wearer obtains to the gaze of the electronic camera, the higher the arms raise. Once they are within the cone of vision, the arms factor in the direction of the cam, both seducing and also fighting with its look.

A Single Composite [vert]!.?.!A Single Composite is a collection of

kinetic installments as well as projection apparatuses that stretch, twist, and also loop movie strips containing declassified and various other located reconnaissance footage. Using reconstituted electronic printer framework, this cinematic venture is predicted on ceilings, wall surfaces, as well as floors, to develop a series of private moments of surveillance and also implied physical violence.


Paying attention to fans of behaviorism talking about the state of human freedom the user might interfere in the recording with his body. Inspired by the isolation of body-parts in contemporary dance the device that ties the subject to the equipment reacts to micro-movements of solitary body parts. This means the body ends up being an opposing mechanism to an intellectual debate.

Urban Armor#3 Miss-My-Face

Miss-My-Face makes use of infrared lights, a kind of light generally

used in CCTV cameras, video cameras create a develop of light around the wearer’s user, obscuring them covering the camera’s cam. These lights are not visible to the naked eye, they can just be seen on CCTV footage. Miss-My-Face can be transformed on directly, or it can turn on instantly using a CCTV detector, which you can see in the 2nd half of the video clip.

[in]security camera!.?.!The(in)safety video camera is a gadget which incorporates two opposite yet typically relevant ideas: safety and security and also worry. From the perspective of an incorporeal observer, the system seems normal, a safety and security electronic camera connected to a white as well as black CRT safety screen. When a relocating things(such a person )goes into the electronic camera’s field of view, the device becomes surprised, and also hides, lens down, in the edge. So long as somebody stays before it the camera remains to hide, returning to its regular placement only after validating that the shore is clear. Conceptually, the (in)security video camera explores both suggestions of surveillance and ideas of social anxiousness or concern of others. Watched from the viewpoint of security, the system brings right into contrast the duties of onlooker as well as the observed and the power variation fundamental in those 2 functions. The (in)safety video camera reverses these duties, with the system of monitoring (the cam system) coming to be the topic of monitoring by the public. No different than us at the end, the equipment might rely on the need for ever boosting protection and monitoring, however at the same time is awfully afraid of having actually that look transformed upon itself. In the very same act, the monitor creates as well as videotapes an image which is devoid of human visibility, useless as a record of an occasion, but maybe a type of visual exploration of emptiness or serenity within the group.

Anti-NIS Accessories!.?.!A series of suggested things developed as a kind of apparel that safeguard thoughts and also actions from future neuro-imaging surveillance systems. A collaboration with Lisa Kori Chung, made at Fabrica. Instead of just blocking access to the brain, which would certainly call for unmistakable and also intricate devices, each item recommends a method of temporary cognitive diversion. When a scan is identified, the devices provoke a sensory response that will demand the user’s attention, altering their present mind activity patterns and paying for a moment of privacy through camouflage. The objects consist of a hat that transmits sound pulses with bone conduction, a collar that provides a mild electric shock on the skin and a mask that sidetracks the individual with blinking lights. The three prototypes, crafted out of laser-cut really felt and wood, were included
in Futures10, an exhibit arranged within the Wearable Futures event (Ravensbourne, London, UK), two days of talks, arguments and discussions regarding the future of wearables, from clever product to brand-new technologies.

Shy Cam Experiment!.?.!demo of an electronic camera that averts when recording as well as acknowledging a face the electronic camera tries to avoid shooting individuals it is a shy
electronic camera extra at technics: develop with processing, opencv, arduino i try out arduino the initial time and also made a

cheap servo( turning the video camera. this tutorial helped a whole lot: face acknowledgment is handled by opencv with assistance of this processing collection: