Senate demands answers from Amazon over Ring surveillance

Senate demands answers from Amazon over Ring surveillance

Ring’s controversial ” Neighbors ” surveillance network and cozy relationship with police departments has drawn the eye US lawmakers. In a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, Senator Edward Markey expressed concern that the system “could easily create a surveillance ne…

Behind the Rise of China’s Facial-Recognition Giants

Megvii, one of four highly valued Chinese facial-recognition startups, has filed for an IPO. Most of its revenue comes from surveillance and security systems.

Pastors are getting in on Ring’s ever-growing surveillance state

God is always watching — and soon, thanks to Amazon, a bunch of church pastors may join in on the fun. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Seattle tech giant has partnered with a host of religious leaders to equip Baltimore residents with Ring surveillance ca…

Thieves Steal More Than $300,000 in Apple Products After Smashing Glass Wall With Sledgehammer

Early Tuesday morning, six people broke into two Apple stores in Australia by smashing the glass enclosure with a sledgehammer, according to surveillance footage. Read more…

Ring Gave Police Stats About Users Who Said No to Law Enforcement Requests

Amazon’s home security company Ring tracked how its users responded to law enforcement requests for surveillance footage captured by Ring devices, and it provided overviews of that data to police departments upon request. Read more…

Bear bandit steals dog food delivery

A hungry bear was filmed on a home surveillance camera stealing a dog food delivery from a Pennsylvania family’s front porch.

How to check if police are watching your neighborhood with Ring

A privately owned and operated surveillance network has sprung up around the country, and police are getting in on the action. Amazon’s Ring has partnered with law enforcement agencies to distribute, subsidize, and manage its Neighbors Portal program. The ser…

Hikvision, a surveillance powerhouse, walks U.S.-China tightrope

For China’s Hikvision, the world’s largest purveyor of video surveillance systems and a vendor to Xinjiang police agencies, a moment of reckoning may be at hand.

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