Ring Camera Surveillance Is Transforming Suburban Life

Ring Camera Surveillance Is Transforming Suburban Life

Consumer surveillance cameras are everywhere now, and they’re capturing moments we otherwise would never know have happened.

How ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age

After two officers came to a Pacific Northwest community, longtime residents began to disappear — a testament to the agency’s quiet embrace of big data.

South Carolina Deputy in Video of Violent Arrest Is Fired

Surveillance footage at an auto repair shop showed Greenville County sheriff’s deputies hitting a 56-year-old man who was later charged with traffic violations and resisting arrest.

Video shows mom fight carjacker

Surveillance video captured the moment Jaime Sagona fought back against a carjacker who stole her vehicle with her mom and newborn still in the backseat.

Burglary suspect tries to make coffee during break-in

Surveillance video shows a burglary suspect trying and failing to make coffee during a break-in that was part of a three-hour burglary spree. After failing to make coffee, the suspect took the coffee pods instead.

China, Russia Spreading Surveillance Methods Around the World

For years the number of countries using technology to monitor and track their citizens has been growing. Beijing increasingly uses surveillance methods within its own country, Moscow engages in extensive hacking of other countries’ systems and both nations ag…

NASA Is Moving Forward With Space-Based Mission to Hunt for Hazardous Asteroids

NASA will begin developing a space-based telescope to track the asteroids near Earth, according to a statement by NASA’s associate administrator for science, Thomas Zurbuchen. Read more…

Motorola, Known For Cellphones, is Fast Becoming a Major Player in Government Surveillance

Jon Schuppe, reporting for NBC News: The surveillance tools have been installed in schools and public housing, deployed on roads and public transit, and worn by police officers. They’ve been developed by an array of technology firms competing for government b…

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