Information Security

Information Security

Information security is the set of processes that maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business data in its various forms. Indian Cyber Army has been dedicated in fighting cyber crime, striving to maintain law and order in cyberspace so…

Security Officer

* SECURITY OFFICER Job ID 2018-53911 Department Security – Palisades Site Hackensack University Medical Center Job Location US-NJ-North Bergen Position Type Per Diem Standard Hours…

Security settings

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security hat

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API security

I need a developer to work on some of the pages – how do I allow him access to the pages, but NOT to the API credentials please?

Security – colored

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Junior Security

A security that ranks lower than other securities in regards to the owner’s claims on assets and income in the event of the issuer becoming insolvent.

Account Security

Graphics that I tried for account security.

UK : UNDER SURVEILLANCE!.?.!The UK is the most watched nation on the planet with an approximated of 5.9 Million CCTV cams. That video camera for each 11 people. This project uses face recognition formula to highlight facts as well as stats on surveillance within the UK.

Security Animation

Security Animation

Here another animation of an icon & 4th post of my #dribbbleweek~

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Digital Security

Identifier : H2020-SU-DS-2018-2019-2020 Pillar : Societal Challenges Planned Opening Date : Deadline : Thu, 23 Aug 2018 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Security chief

Cloud Security

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Cyber Security

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Rocket Security

Contextual Analysis Practice Work

Security Rating

API Security

Great to be able to talk to Randall Degges, Head of Developer Advocacy, and Keith Casey, API Problem Solver at Okta during Oktane18 about their new book on API Security. As part of Okta’s commitment to making developers’ lives easier, they wrote this book bec…

security breach?

security breach?

hello – these mysterious php scripts show up in my upload folder: /home/ and here is the content: (spaces added) is this a security issue? i started removing them just to be safe.

Restoring Security

The reinforcement that Rio de Janeiro needed came.

spring security

– [spring-security-architecture]( – [spring-security-reference-4.0.x](…

Network Security

Security experts see antivirus software as part of a security setup that includes behavior analytics and artificial intelligence. But it can9t catch everything. Before buying an Asus router, it would be wise to read Daniel Aleksandersen9s review of the stock …

Mobile Security

As mobile device management continues to morph, consider what EMM features you need right now as well as what you might need in the future — and don9t neglect the user experience. Apple9s iOS has long been seen as a more secure mobile operating system than A…

Security (2017)

Data security

Data security || Image Source:…

Cyber security

My visual take on cyber security.

Thanks for looking!

Egyptian, Italian Investigators Say 'Gaps' Found in Regeni Case Footage

Egyptian, Italian Investigators Say ‘Gaps’ Found in Regeni Case Footage

Egyptian and Italian prosecutors have found gaps in footage from inside and around Cairo metro stations where murdered Italian student Giulio Regeni disappeared in 2016 and will seek to discover the cause, they said on Wednesday.

Glass Ceiling for Female Federal Investigators: U.S. Watchdog Report

Women are not getting hired or promoted at the same rate as men in the U.S. Justice Department’s top law enforcement arms, leaving many female employees feeling they face routine gender discrimination in the workplace, the department’s internal wa…

US Sends FBI Experts to Investigate Deadly Ethiopia Blast

The United States has sent FBI investigators to look into Saturday’s deadly attack on a huge rally for the new prime minister, state media reported Monday.



Your account has timed out, login for full access to premium stories. SINGAPORE – An advance party of North Korean delegates are likely to have arrived on Saturday evening (June 9), just as security preparations around the country visibly went up a notch ahea…

Security Upgraded

Part of a series of spot illustrations I worked on with @bewildertv for Wired about different technologies in our lives.

Security Tim

Here’s Security Tim, one of the Matias Pudu and Friends characters. Character (c) Me

Digital security

Created a few simple icons to use as elements for a digital security company.

Phone Security

“Remember that we have insurance for mobile phones and devices” – Assist Card.

Animation for Assist Card.

Watermelon Security

Few isolated illustrations from a forthcoming vid on “security” on the “internet” web “sites”.. ?

extra security

now she wont be able to get off the chair part of a commission for

Security Web

“Security Webbing” by Scott Cook (2016, Acrylic/Wood, 12″ x 12″) Earth and Blood