Las Vegas security guard plotted attacks on a synagogue and an LGBTQ bar, FBI says

Las Vegas security guard plotted attacks on a synagogue and an LGBTQ bar, FBI says

A Las Vegas security guard who once patrolled his neighborhood with a semi-automatic rifle has been arrested on a federal charge in connection with possessing “destructive devices.” The FBI says he had bomb-making materials and was planning to attack a synago…

Is America Finally Ready For A Surveillance-Free Smartphone?

The smartphone space—increasingly the centerpiece of commerce, data capture, and communication—is shaping up to be a battleground of the future. Will this create both opportunity and capital sources for entrepreneurs in the private and secure smartphone space?

Woman left alone as she gave birth in jail cell says ‘pain was indescribable’

A Colorado woman is suing after she was forced to give birth to her child, alone in a jail cell, while screaming and pleading for help from staff that paid her virtually no mind.In the hours leading up to the birth of her child on July 31, 2018, surveillance …

Widows sue over troopers’ deaths in helicopter crash

The widows of two Virginia state troopers killed in a helicopter crash the day of a violent white nationalist rally have sued the state and others over their husbands’ deaths, alleging the aircraft was not properly maintained or repaired. Amanda Bates and Kar…

Iran displays domestically built mobile missile defense system

Iran displayed what it described as a domestically built long-range, surface-to-air missile air defense system on Thursday, at a time of rising tension with the United States. Iran shot down a U.S. military surveillance drone in the Gulf with a surface-to-air…

Fearful of America’s Enemies, the NSA Refuses to Tell Us the Name of Its Slack

The United States’ top digital surveillance agency is using an off-the-shelf version of Slack. For what? They should tell us!

Hong Kong police deploy water cannon at protests

It is the first time the vehicles have been used in 12 weeks of anti-government protests.

Amazon writes scripts for cops to sling Ring home cameras, report says

Amazon reportedly provides marketing scripts to more than 200 police partners.

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