INCIDENT ENERGY -Trailer!.?.!A four-channel thermal image video clip setup by Jacob Pander as well as Marne Lucas’ Incident Energy’ Jacob Pander and also Marne Lucas
B&W infrared 4-channel video, trt: 30 mins.
A multi-channel video filmed with thermal imaging( IR

) cameras exploring themes of motifs, culture and society and also, using modern making use of to professional dancers a share story that tale energyTakes a look at the universe, world, birth, death, conflict and decayAs well as Range Phenomenology innovation connected with military monitoring frames the luminescent energy of the body to disclose hidden heat signatures; compared with huge galactic images( NASA) in this dramatic black and white movie; where smart movement, human emotion and also all-natural landscapes are checked out via the surreal charm of ever-present infrared monitoring technology. Shot in 2013 in Oregon in contemporary urban setups and in nature, utilizing IR cameras to film the entire project include a real-time human birth in a medical facility, and scenes of the main personality as a single nude figure birthed out of the sea, and later on, crawling via deep snow towards his demise.

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