https://vimeo.com/103507431!.?.!A video that deals explicitly with public room as well as concerns our day-to-day assumption and experience of this social area. The work equilibriums between figuration and abstraction, changes the customers attention of the everyday. The ubiquitous method is the lead character too in vision as in noise.’ Di sotto in sù’ is a term stemming from Italian Renaissance which indicates’ seen from below’. It was utilized for ceiling paintings in which a strong impression of area is suggested. The ceilings in this video nevertheless, were never meant to be checked out, but rather for being looked by. Besides the parallel which is made in between imposing ceiling paints and also indoctrinating systems of surveillance, is this too a sight on a fascinating globe that passes us by daily, of which we are usually unaware. SCREENED- Festival Construction 2015: form as well as material. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
. September 7-12, 2015 EVALUATED- CyBorg Film Festival VIII- circuito CyBorg Off. Anghiari, Italy
. July 2015 EVALUATED -Group exhibit, RADION, Amsterdam. Exhibitors: Studio Pascal Smelik, Evelien Nijeboer, Adzer van der Molen, Roberto Voorbij.

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