Chinese Rappers Take On the Surveillance State

Chinese Rappers Take On the Surveillance State

The underground rap scene in China actively subverts censorship.

The Endless Aerial Surveillance of the Border

New reports suggest that drone activity at the southern border is spreading to nearby cities, erasing the line between police procedures and immigration enforcement.

Men hack electronic billboard, play porn on it

Pornographic video could be seen along I-75 for 15 to 20 minutes, police say.

Surveillance video shows man struck by lightning before he’s saved by good Samaritans

Surveillance video obtained by Houston ABC station KTRK shows the moment a man was struck by lightning Thursday, seconds before three good Samaritans rushed to his aid.

Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Powers to Ban Masks During Protests

The chief executive used her emergency powers to bypass the legislature, a step long feared by opposition lawmakers and some observers.

A 3-year-old girl was abducted and then found at a church

A day after 3-year-old Ahlora Lindiment was abducted from a playground in North Carolina, she was seen standing alone in front of a church, police said.

Convicted murderer escaped from jail for a second time

A convicted murderer serving a life sentence without parole has escaped from an Arkansas jail for a second time.

FOIA request for NROL-39 surveillance satellite logo

“Alright, nerds

I filed a FOIA appeal and won the infamous NROL-39 surveillance satellite logo as a PDF.

This ain’t a scanned powerpoint. This is a resizable vector. You know what you must do. Unleash the swag.”

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