Microsoft will pause optional non-security Windows updates

Microsoft will pause optional non-security Windows updates

Because everyone, including IT people and Microsoft developers, already has enough to worry about right now, Microsoft is pausing all optional non-security releases for supported versions of Windows and server products. This will allow Microsoft to focus on s…

Daily Crunch: Zoom faces security scrutiny

Researchers reveal a number of security issues with videoconferencing app Zoom, investors warn Indian startups of tough times ahead and Uber Eats expands its grocery options internationally. Here’s your Daily Crunch for April 1, 2020. 1. Maybe we shouldn’t us…

ProtonVPN prioritises your online security

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to ProtonVPN is on sale for £3.60 per month, saving you 20% on list price. There are absolutely loads of VPN providers out there that can help you boost your online security and bypass content blockades. It’s always nice to have…

Security lapse exposed Republican voter firm’s internal app code

A voter contact and canvassing company, used exclusively by Republican political campaigns, mistakenly left an unprotected copy of its app’s code on its website for anyone to find. The company, Campaign Sidekick, helps Republican campaigns canvass their distr…

MIT Solve launches global challenge around health security and pandemics

There is an immediate need for startups to handle the crisis around the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, from diagnostics to identify potential carriers of the virus to assisting the treatment of patients with respiratory symptoms. As we get a grip on this …

Zoom freezes feature development to fix security and privacy issues

Zoom has been widely criticized over the past couple of weeks for terrible security, a poorly designed screensharing feature, misleading dark pattern, fake end-to-end-encryption claims and an incomplete privacy policy. Despite that, the video conferencing ser…

Microsoft says hackers are attacking Windows users with a new unpatched bug

Microsoft says attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed security vulnerability found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10. But the software giant said there is currently no patch for the vulnerability. The security flaw, which M…

Ex-NSA hacker drops new zero-day doom for Zoom

Zoom’s troubled year just got worse. Now that a large portion of the world is working from home to ride out the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom’s popularity has rocketed, but also has led to an increased focus on the company’s security practices and privacy promis…

Thompson the Investigator

Thompson the Investigator

While Fred D. Thompson is perhaps best known as an actor, it is his real-life role as an investigator of government wrongdoing that has become a central part of his political biography.

An Investigation in Alabama

The Alabama attorney general is looking into reports that left tackle Andre Smith had improper contact with an agent.

Investigating a Scandal

For the investigation into the firing of United States attorneys to have credibility, the prosecutor must obtain testimony from Karl Rove and Harriet Miers.

Surveillance Tools Will Lapse as Trump Signals Possible Veto

Surveillance Tools Will Lapse as Trump Signals Possible Veto

The president’s comments could derail a bipartisan deal to extend three F.B.I. tools for national security investigations. They expire Sunday.

Senate Panel Delays Subpoena Vote Over Concerns About Ukraine Witness

The Homeland Security Committee, which is looking into Hunter Biden and Ukraine’s role in the 2016 election, was told a former Ukrainian official could be spreading Russian disinformation.

House Passes Bill Preserving F.B.I. Surveillance Powers

An unusual collection of lawmakers backed the legislation, which would give Americans some new privacy protections and extend legal authority for some F.B.I. investigative tools.

Google's security measures failed to find Android malware in Play Store

Google’s security measures failed to find Android malware in Play Store

Google may have introduced a number of security measures to prevent malicious apps from appearing in the Play Store, but they’re not watertight. New analysis from Check Point shows that earlier this year, malware was lurking within 56 apps that had been downl…

A Second Dust Bowl Could Threaten Global Food Security

A new study paints a scary reality: one where climate change pushes another Dust Bowl-like event to take over the Great Plains, throwing global food security into uncertainty. Read more…

Don’t let security slip when you’re working from home

TL;DR: A two-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for £2.42 per month, saving you 73% on list price. Working from home presents a lot of new challenges, like new tea rotas and pets that just love getting in the way. With all this to consider, it can be eas…

Insight Partners sells security firm Checkmarx to Hellman & Friedman for $1.15B

Checkmarx, an Israeli security company acquired in 2015 by private equity firm Insight Partners with an $84 million investment, was sold today to Hellman & Friedman, another private equity firm at a valuation of $1.15B. Nice little profit there, and the compa…

How to Deal With the Anxiety Caused by Coronavirus Pandemic Deniers

We’re living in a time of high anxiety. There is more than enough to worry about pertaining to our own physical and mental health and financial security. And there’s another widely experienced stressor that many of us didn’t anticipate: the anxiety that sets …

Afghan gunmen storm Sikh temple in Kabul

An unknown number of people are reportedly inside the temple as security forces battle the attackers.

Here’s how you can get an Echo Show 5 for $10

TL;DR: Reliable Blink home security cameras come with a $10 Echo Show 5 — normally an $89.99 product — as of March 11. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been home alone and heard weird noises coming from outside but have been too spooked to go inves…

The TSA Now Allows 12oz of Hand Sanitizer in Carry-On Luggage

If you have a flight coming up and are worried about bringing your hand sanitizer on-board we have some good news for you: now you can pack larger bottles in your carry on. Read more…

How to Avoid the Worst Online Scams

How to Avoid the Worst Online Scams

Phishing, malware, and more only escalate in times of uncertainty. Here’s how to protect yourself.

How Huawei is dividing Western nations

The relationship between the United Kingdom and Australia is not usually a flashpoint in international relations. After all, the two allies share a common language, ancestry, and monarch. So what caused a dustup recently that saw a senior Australian parliamen…

My favorite battery-powered security cameras of 2020 – CNET

Want a security camera sans adapter? These are the best of the best.

Watch the best of American Netflix with ExpressVPN

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Sign up to PureVPN and gift free accounts to friends and family

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3 TSA Screeners In San Jose, Calif., Have Contracted Coronavirus, Agency Says

The security officers, all of whom work at Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, are the first confirmed cases of the virus within the Transportation Security Administration, officials say.

Defend yourself from data monitoring with a VPN

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to Private Internet Access is on sale for £2.90 per month, saving you 67% on list price. Digital security has arguably never been more important, as spammers and criminals look to capitalise on these uncertain times. There are p…

Anker Adds HomeKit Secure Video Support to EufyCam Security Camera

As promised, Anker has updated its EufyCam 2 security camera with support for HomeKit Secure Video, which allows the cameras to capture and store recordings securely in iCloud. As noted by iMore, the free update adds secure video recording directly to Apple’s…

Tapper: How many lives affected by Trump's 'false sense of security'

Tapper: How many lives affected by Trump’s ‘false sense of security’

CNN’s Jake Tapper replays a clip of President Donald Trump from February 2020, claiming Trump provided Americans a ‘false sense of security.’

DataGuard, which provides GDPR and privacy compliance-as-a-service, raises $20M

Watchdogs have started to raise the issue that new working practices and online activity necessitated by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic are creating new sets of privacy, security and data protection challenges. Today a startup is announcing a growth r…

Medical and military contractor Kimchuk hit by data-stealing ransomware

Kimchuk, a medical and military electronics maker, has been hit by data-stealing ransomware, TechCrunch has learned. The Danbury, Conn.-based manufacturer, which builds electronics for medical equipment, telecoms systems, and energy grids, also makes nuclear …

Better know a CSO: Indiana University Health’s Mitch Parker

Mitch Parker has one of Indiana’s most critical jobs. As chief information security officer for Indiana University Health, Parker oversees cybersecurity for more than 30,000 employees at 18 hospitals across the state, along with countless numbers of computers…

Daily Crunch: Disney+ launches in seven European countries

Disney+ launches in seven European countries, Microsoft admits to a “critical” Windows security flaw and we review the new iPad Pro. Here’s your Daily Crunch for March 24, 2020. 1. Using 25% lower bandwidth, Disney+ launches in UK, Ireland and 5 other Europea…

Cyber insurer Chubb had data stolen in Maze ransomware attack

Chubb, a major cybersecurity insurance provider for businesses hit by data breaches, has itself become a target of a data breach. The insurance giant told TechCrunch it was investigating a “security incident” involving the unauthorized access to data belongin…

Stream and shop securely with a VPN

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to Ivacy VPN is on sale for £2.97 per month, saving you 65% on list price. We’re all browsing, shopping, and streaming our way through this situation, and the need for digital security has never been greater. Data harvesters, ha…

San Diego police ban Clearview AI’s facial recognition tool

The backlash to Clearview AI’s facial recognition tool is extending beyond tech companies and civil liberties groups. San Diego’s police department and district attorney’s office have confirmed that they banned use of Clearview AI in recent weeks. However, th…

For Some Buyers With Virus Fears, the Priority Isn’t Toilet Paper. It’s Guns.

For Some Buyers With Virus Fears, the Priority Isn’t Toilet Paper. It’s Guns.

Gun shops and ammunition dealers say they’ve seen a surge in purchases, particularly from first-time buyers.

House Reaches Deal to Overhaul Surveillance Laws

The bill is a breakthrough in a politically complex debate and would add some new privacy safeguards, but it will not go as far as civil libertarians had hoped.

Russia Trying to Stoke U.S. Racial Tensions Before Election, Officials Say

Russian intelligence services are trying to incite violence by white supremacist groups to sow chaos in the United States, American intelligence officials said.

Online printing site Doxzoo exposed thousands of customer files

Online printing site Doxzoo exposed thousands of customer files

Doxzoo proudly says on its website that your “documents are in safe hands.” But for some time, that wasn’t true. The U.K. printing company left its customer files on a cloud storage bucket, hosted on Amazon Web Services, without a password. Anyone who knew th…

Google Authenticator screenshot bug could be a potential security risk

The same bug is also present in the Microsoft Authenticator Android app. What you need to know A bug in the Google Authenticator app reportedly allows screenshots of OTPs to be easily captured. Security researchers had recently suggested that the “Cerberus” A…

Google’s second Pixel feature drop arrives with March’s security update

The March feature drop is the second of Google’s promised Pixel quarterly feature drops. What you need to know Google has released the March feature drop for Pixel 2, 3, and 4 family users. With this update, the firm has added new features like Motion Sense i…

The top 3 indoor home security cameras of 2020 – CNET

Find out which indoor cams are the best at keeping an eye on things.

Huawei Hopes to Win Over Europe With Plans to Build 5G Factory in France

After the U.S. government warned European nations numerous times that the use of Huawei networking equipment poses a security risk, now it appears Huawei is hoping to alleviate those fears with new plans to build a 5G manufacturing facility in France. Read mo…

Coronavirus is making it even harder for people to access food in America. Here’s how to help.

The coronavirus pandemic is making it much harder for people in America to get a meal. From students who rely on free and reduced meals in schools (and whose schools are now closed), to senior citizens who are staying indoors, making it hard for them to buy g…

Protect yourself online with this deal on password manager NordPass

TL;DR: Keep track of all your passwords with a 1-year subscription to the NordPass Password Manager for $25.49, a 49% savings. Poor password health is a major driving force behind cyber attacks and security breaches – especially in businesses. In fact, over 8…

It’s time you started taking your privacy seriously

TL;DR: A three-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for £2.68 per month, saving you 70% on list price. Can you honestly say that you take your digital privacy and data security seriously? If you can, then we salute you. If you can’t, then we recommend inve…

Netgear Arlo Q Camera Review: Old but Dependable

Netgear Arlo Q Camera Review: Old but Dependable

This popular camera isn’t the latest and greatest, but it still holds its own among newer models.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program will block third-party Android apps

Google’s latest changes to its Advanced Protection Program could create a headache for Android users who were downloading apps outside of the Play Store. Aside from a few exceptions, program participants will no longer be able to install third-party apps, Tec…

Sonos to Roll Out Whole New App for Its Next Generation of Speakers

The Sonos saga continues. A few months ago, the company caught some flack for sundowning its older hardware—now dubbed “legacy” products. It then quickly amended that while its oldest products would no longer receive newer features, they would still receive s…

TikTok Says It’ll No Longer Moderate Overseas Content With China-Based Staff: Report

In an effort to assuage U.S. national security concerns, TikTok announced that it’s no longer relying on China-based moderators to screen content from overseas. Instead, it will shift those jobs, abroad, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Report. Read …

Leaked Documents Show TikTok Tried to Suppress ‘Ugly’ Users

Social video platform TikTok, already embroiled in a political skirmish over potential national security risks related to its Chinese owner, ByteDance, is now taking on a more familiar form of criticism: concerns over its highly opaque content moderation poli…

Trump Approves Bill Barring Rural Telecom Carriers from Relying on Huawei, ZTE Equipment

President Donald Trump signed the so-called “rip and replace” bill Thursday, legislation that effectively cuts off access to U.S. subsidies for companies like Huawei Technologies, ZTE, and any other foreign manufacturer that officials deem a national security…

Harvey Weinstein moved to maximum security prison in upstate N.Y.

Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday was transferred to a maximum security prison in upstate New York to serve a 23-year sentence for sexual assault and rape.

Coronavirus Sets the Stage for Hacking Mayhem

As more people work from home and anxiety mounts, expect cyberattacks of all sorts to take advantage.

Intelligence Officials Temper Russia Warnings, Prompting Accusations of Political Influence

Intelligence Officials Temper Russia Warnings, Prompting Accusations of Political Influence

Democrats said that the administration was trying to minimize Russian interference, but intelligence officials insisted that their assessments were based on facts.

Barr Increasingly Appears Focused on Undermining Mueller Inquiry

A judge’s criticism cast light on the first in a series of steps by the attorney general to take aim at the Russia investigation.

Translator Accused of Revealing U.S. Secrets Amid Tensions With Iran

Prosecutors said a contractor shared the names of informants — among the government’s most closely held secrets — to a Lebanese man with ties to an Iran-backed group.