‘The Daily’: The Investigators

‘The Daily’: The Investigators

A profile of five of the people responsible for figuring out Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

Italian Ministry Investigates the Anti-Corruption Investigators

Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators

In a sign of a looming showdown with the special counsel, presidential aides are looking for information to get investigators recused or justify firing him.

EU backs away from proposed five-year facial recognition ban

EU backs away from proposed five-year facial recognition ban

The European Union won’t issue a ban on facial recognition tech, as it once proposed, the Financial Times reports. In a previous draft of a paper on artificial intelligence, the European Commission suggested a five-year moratorium on facial recognition, so th…

‘OurMine’ group hijacks Twitter accounts for Olympics and FC Barcelona

No, the OurMine group isn’t done defacing high-profile sites. Twitter has confirmed reports that OurMine hijacked accounts for both the Olympics and FC Barcelona on February 15th, using the opportunity to make a less-than-sincere offer to “improve your [accou…

What is the Titan Security Module?

You’ll find Titan Security chips in Pixel phones, 2FA security keys, and Google’s servers. Here’s how they all work together to keep your data safer. You might have heard about Google’s Titan security chain. It’s an idea that started for use in servers, then …

Schiff: Even Alan Dershowitz doesn’t buy Alan Dershowitz ‘s argument

Impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff responds to an argument from President Donald Trump’s legal counsel which asserts that even if former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s account was true, Trump had not committed an impeachable offense.

Trump’s pattern of turning on his officials

President Donald Trump blasted former national security adviser John Bolton in a series of tweets, despite praising Bolton only weeks prior. CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how it follows a similar pattern for Trump and officials he hired.

Prosecutors seek denial of Michael Flynn’s request to change his guilty plea

The Justice Department has doubled down on its prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, amid the debacle over the Trump administration softening its stance in court toward Roger Stone, another close associate of President Donald Trump.

Analyst: Zelensky was trying to address a PR problem

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd outlined why Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky strongly rejected President Donald Trump’s claim that Ukraine is corrupt during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

I Lost Nine Years of Photos by Locking Myself Out of My Google Account

I normally use this weekly column to answer people’s technology-themed questions. This week, I’m taking a slight departure, because I think sharing a reader’s story is important—even though there’s not really much I, nor Google, can do in the case of her lock…

Did the Saudis Play a Role in 9/11? Here’s What We Found

Did the Saudis Play a Role in 9/11? Here’s What We Found

Investigators continued to investigate Saudi links to 9/11 even after high-level officials discounted connections.

The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the F.B.I.

A small team of agents spent years investigating whether one of Washington’s closest allies was involved in the worst terror attack in U.S. history. This is their story.

Justice Dept. Says Facts Did Not Justify Continued Wiretap of Trump Aide

The revelation was the latest to underscore the flaws in the F.B.I.’s surveillance of Carter Page.

All Nest accounts will require extra sign-in security this spring

All Nest accounts will require extra sign-in security this spring

It’s not just Ring committing to improving the security of its smart home systems in 2020. Google’s Nest has announced that, as of this spring, it will require email-based two-factor authentication for everyone who hasn’t previously enabled the feature or mig…

Watch Out for Lastpass’ New Log-off Bug

A number of LastPass users are taking to the company’s forums to complain about a pretty unfortunate bug that affects its extension’s automatic log-off features—something you’ll always want to enable as a backup security measure. Read more…

You Can Now Build Your Own Login Security Key With Google’s Free Software

If you genuinely take your online security seriously you should be using two-factor authentication paired with a security key every time you log in. There are lots of options out there, including Google’s own $50 Titan security key set, but the company has al…

Buggy Iowa Caucus App Is Buggy, Security Experts Say

The phone app at the center of the clown-shoe exercise in democracy known as the Iowa Caucuses was not only riddled with technical issues and potentially susceptible to being hacked, it appears to have been designed by a greenhorn programmer in the process of…

Ex-TSA agent accused of forcing a woman to expose her breasts during airport screening

A former Transportation Security Administration agent in California has been arrested after allegedly coercing a female passenger into showing her breasts during a security screening.

Tozny introduces encrypted identity tool as part of security service platform

Tozny, a Portland, Oregon startup that wants to help companies more easily incorporate encryption into their programs and processes, introduced TozID today. It is an identity and access control tool that can work independently or in conjunction with the compa…

Africa Eye: Torture ‘rampant’ among Nigeria’s security forces

BBC Africa Eye uncovers evidence that torture is being used by the Nigerian police and armed forces.

Watchdog says DHS still hasn’t got a 2020 election security plan

Homeland Security’s cybersecurity advisory unit “has not yet completed” its plans to secure the 2020 presidential election, a government watchdog has said. The report, published on Thursday by the Government Accountability Office, said the unit, CISA, is “not…

A Credible Investigation

A Credible Investigation

The world needs an impartial international investigation on Israel’s attack on a flotilla bound for Gaza.

Investigating Leaks

Editorial on Atty Gen John Ashcroft’s decision to have Justice Dept conduct investigation into how Robert Novak got name of CIA operative for publication in his syndicated column; says it is risky course, because any hint of political interference…


City activist Frank Fulbrook asks federal prosecutors to investigate possible conflict of interest in state aid plan for Camden, NJ; claims plan would unfairly benefit CAMcare, health-care corporation run by Mark Bryant, brother of state Sen Wayne…

Keep Your ZigBee Smart Home Devices Updated to Protect Against This Hack

Keep Your ZigBee Smart Home Devices Updated to Protect Against This Hack

Hacked by a Hue lightbulb? It sounds silly, but security researchers at Check Point Software recently demonstrated that unpatched Philips Hue smart lights be used as an attack vector into your network if someone takes advantage of an exploit in the ZigBee pro…

Update Android to Fix a Major Bluetooth Bug

Anyone with an older Android device running Android 8 or 9 needs to be wary of using Bluetooth. A bug was discovered by cyber-security firm ERNW that allows anyone within range of a Bluetooth-enabled Android device to gain access to the device’s storage. Read…

What to Do When Your Travel Partner Doesn’t Have TSA Precheck

Back in 2018, the House passed a bill that would ban most passengers who weren’t enrolled in TSA Precheck from entering its expedited security lines at airports—much to the collective groan of Precheck-enrolled passengers traveling with those who aren’t. Read…

Block Internet Explorer’s Latest Vulnerability With This Workaround

Microsoft disclosed a troublesome vulnerability in Internet Explorer last week, affecting various permutations of Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11 across Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10 (as well as various editions of Windows Server). The bad news is that Micro…

Stephen Miller ally tapped as top Homeland Security attorney

Chad Mizelle, a Trump administration official who is viewed as an ally of senior White House policy adviser and immigration hardliner Stephen Miller, has been tapped to be the Department of Homeland Security’s top attorney.

Update This WordPress Plugin to Prevent a Site Takeover

Security researchers discovered a severe vulnerability present in older versions of the popular WordPress plugin Code Snippets that could allow attackers to take over a person’s website remotely. The plugin’s developers have issued a patch to fix the bug, but…

Update WhatsApp’s Desktop Client to Block a Remote-Access Vulnerability

WhatsApp is usually thought of as a secure messaging app, but while your messages might be safely encrypted, the service’s apps are as prone to security vulnerabilities as any others. And the latest WhatsApp bug is a big one. Read more…

Yubico is making it easier for businesses to buy its YubiKeys

A growing number of companies are looking at hardware authentication security keys as a trusted and convenient way to protect sensitive corporate data. Indeed, Google has recently launched an open source project to help advance the uptake of this technology. …

A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the ‘Base’

A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the ‘Base’

A secret domestic terrorism investigation revealed that the violent neo-Nazi group was recruiting cells across the United States.

Putin Outlines Political Overhaul, Including Possible Post for Himself

By proposing to empower a toothless advisory body, President Vladimir V. Putin set off new speculation about his long-term plans.

How U.S. Firms Helped Africa’s Richest Woman Exploit Her Country’s Wealth

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former president, built an empire in a country mired in corruption. Western consultants were her advisers.

Investigator Is Choked

Investigator Is Choked

Angela Clemente, who has helped investigate several notable criminal cases, is found slumped in her car in Brooklyn; police say she was choked by man who flagged her down (S)

Investigator Is Choked

A woman who has helped investigate several notable criminal cases was hospitalized after being found slumped in her car in southern Brooklyn.


New Jersey Symphony Orchestra opens investigation of its $18 million acquisition of 30 period stringed instruments from Herbert Axelrod, who has been indicted on federal tax evasion charges (S)

Democrats call for Bolton to testify in impeachment trial

Democrats call for Bolton to testify in impeachment trial

The ex-national security advisor’s evidence could undermine Donald Trump’s trial defence, reports say.

Ring Drops a Major App Update, Placing Privacy and Security Settings Front and Center

Ring has begun pushing out an update to its phone app with the aim of consolidating all of its security settings, a likely response to general privacy concerns, as well as more specific ones about “ hackers ” who’ve hijacked in-home camera feeds in recent mon…

Trump probe ‘likely’ to continue after impeachment acquittal

The former US national security adviser may be compelled to testify even after Mr Trump is acquitted.

Save on Amazon’s 4K Fire TV devices, the Pixel 4, and more

The Super Bowl will broadcast on Sunday, February 2nd, and we’ve got you covered with a few deals that will help you get the best quality stream. We also included deals on Ring home security tech and the Google Pixel 4.

Netflix’s first full Ghost in the Shell trailer shows the series like you’ve never seen it before

Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk series centered on a counter-cyberterrorist organization that spans manga, anime, games, and films. It follows Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg cop, and crime-solve task force Public Security Section 9. SAC_2045 will tell a si…

Microsoft Discloses It Left Over 250 Million Customer Support Records Exposed on Servers

Microsoft inadvertently left hundreds of millions of customer service and support requests exposed on several servers without password protection from Dec. 5 to Dec. 31, 2019, the company’s Security Response Center wrote on a blog post on Wednesday. Read more…

‘Hamilton’ fans come for John Bolton’s new book title

What does Former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s toe-tappin’ book title mean? Jeanne Moos reports on the “The Room Where It Happened.”

Indian airline SpiceJet confirms breach of 1.2 million passenger details

SpiceJet, one of India’s largest privately owned airlines, has confirmed a data breach involving the details of over a million of its passengers. The security researcher, who described their actions as “ethical hacking” but whom we are not naming as they like…

How to Shop for a Smart Home Security Camera

How to Shop for a Smart Home Security Camera

Smart security cameras seem to be everywhere, and we don’t just mean watching your every move. With the prevalence of cheap components and cloud storage, installing a home or business surveillance system is easier than ever. But there are so many brands and t…

What Jeff Bezos Can Teach You About Smartphone Security

Jeff Bezos might be (much) wealthier than you, but he’s not smarter than you—at least, not when it comes to basic smartphone security. As you probably read and laughed at (and then sighed at, after you looked up how much Bezos makes each minute), Saudi Crown …

WhatsApp desktop security flaw gave intruders remote access to files

You’ll want to update WhatsApp’s desktop client if you use it to chat on your computer. PerimeterX researcher Gal Weizman has revealed that Facebook patched a security vulnerability in WhatsApp’s Mac and Windows versions that let attackers insert JavaScript i…

Dumb things companies do with user security

After iterating on a few ideas, you’ve found something people are interested in. Users are signing up! You’ve got traction! People with money want to give you that money! Excellent. In the rush to rapid growth, it can be easy to get caught up in what’s next, …

Google open-sources the tools needed to make 2FA security keys

Security keys are designed to make logging in to devices simpler and more secure, but not everyone has access to them, or the inclination to use them. Until now. Today, Google has launched an open source project that will help hobbyists and hardware vendors b…

AI License Plate Readers Are Cheaper—So Drive Carefully

Police can add computer-vision software to ordinary security cameras for as little as $50 a month.

Ring’s new security ‘control center’ isn’t nearly enough

On the same day that a Mississippi family is suing Amazon -owned smart camera maker Ring for not doing enough to prevent hackers from spying on their kids, the company has rolled out its previously announced “control center,” which it hopes will make you forg…

Octarine releases open source security scanning tools for Kubernetes

Octarine, a startup that helps automate security of Kubernetes workloads, released an open source scanning tool today. The tool, which is called KubeScan, is designed to help developers understand the level of security risk in their Kubernetes clusters. The c…