Counting – Jem Cohen (Trailer)!.?.!In fifteen linked phases fired in

areas ranging from Moscow to New York to Istanbul, Counting merges city symphony, journal movie, and individual/ political essay to produce a vibrant picture of contemporary life. Possibly the most individual of Cohen’s movies, Counting actions street life, light as well as time, noting not only monitoring and over-development yet resistance as well as its phantoms as shown up in music, pets as well as daily magic.

Netgear Arlo Q Camera Review: Old but Dependable

Netgear Arlo Q Camera Review: Old but Dependable

This popular camera isn’t the latest and greatest, but it still holds its own among newer models.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program will block third-party Android apps

Google’s latest changes to its Advanced Protection Program could create a headache for Android users who were downloading apps outside of the Play Store. Aside from a few exceptions, program participants will no longer be able to install third-party apps, Tec…

Sonos to Roll Out Whole New App for Its Next Generation of Speakers

The Sonos saga continues. A few months ago, the company caught some flack for sundowning its older hardware—now dubbed “legacy” products. It then quickly amended that while its oldest products would no longer receive newer features, they would still receive s…

TikTok Says It’ll No Longer Moderate Overseas Content With China-Based Staff: Report

In an effort to assuage U.S. national security concerns, TikTok announced that it’s no longer relying on China-based moderators to screen content from overseas. Instead, it will shift those jobs, abroad, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Report. Read …

Leaked Documents Show TikTok Tried to Suppress ‘Ugly’ Users

Social video platform TikTok, already embroiled in a political skirmish over potential national security risks related to its Chinese owner, ByteDance, is now taking on a more familiar form of criticism: concerns over its highly opaque content moderation poli…

Trump Approves Bill Barring Rural Telecom Carriers from Relying on Huawei, ZTE Equipment

President Donald Trump signed the so-called “rip and replace” bill Thursday, legislation that effectively cuts off access to U.S. subsidies for companies like Huawei Technologies, ZTE, and any other foreign manufacturer that officials deem a national security…

Harvey Weinstein moved to maximum security prison in upstate N.Y.

Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday was transferred to a maximum security prison in upstate New York to serve a 23-year sentence for sexual assault and rape.

Coronavirus Sets the Stage for Hacking Mayhem

As more people work from home and anxiety mounts, expect cyberattacks of all sorts to take advantage.

US Government exploring use of location data to combat coronavirus

US Government exploring use of location data to combat coronavirus

Desperate times, desperate measures. What you need to know US government officials are exploring how to use location data to combat the coronavirus pandemic. It is reported that they have spoken with both Facebook and Google. It has been theorized that locati…

Foreign returnees under surveillance in State

Number of people under house quarantine on the rise

Vehicles under surveillance at border check-posts

T.N. officials restrict entry of vehicles from A.P.

House leaders strike deal to renew surveillance law

The agreement was struck just days before FISA is set to expire.

‘Bloomberg Surveillance’ Full Show (03/10/2020)

Live from London and New York, “Bloomberg Surveillance” brings insight on global markets and the top business stories of the day. (Source: Bloomberg)

‘Bloomberg Surveillance’ Full Show (03/13/2020)

‘Bloomberg Surveillance’ Full Show (03/17/2020)

How UFO Sightings Became an American Obsession

In 1947, a pilot spotted a fleet of “saucer-like” aircrafts speeding across the sky. It was only a matter of time until paranoia set in.