Senate, Bidding for Time, Tries to Temporarily Revive Spy Tools

Senate, Bidding for Time, Tries to Temporarily Revive Spy Tools

The extension set aside broader changes to surveillance laws because senators wanted to focus on addressing the coronavirus crisis.

New in Paperback: ‘On Desperate Ground’ and ‘The Paper Wasp’

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

Surveillance Company Says It's Deploying 'Coronavirus-Detecting' Cameras in US

Surveillance Company Says It’s Deploying ‘Coronavirus-Detecting’ Cameras in US

Athena Security previously sold a system that it claims can detect weapons in video feeds. Now it says it’s applying a similar approach to spotting fevers.

U.S. House backs extension of FISA surveillance law

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on Wednesday to extend a divisive set of government surveillance tools, a major boost for efforts to reauthorize the program before it expires on Sunday. The vote was not along party lines, as 152 Democra…

How Much Privacy Are You Entitled to During a Pandemic?

When people are afraid, they are far more willing to consider trading away freedoms in the name of safety.

WHO executive director: Countries that haven’t done enough to combat coronavirus ‘know who you are’

The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic Wednesday in response to both the growing number and severity of cases and “alarming levels of inaction” by some countries. When asked which specific countries needed to do more to addres…

Fake coronavirus tracking apps are really malware that’ll stalk you – CNET

The surveillance industry is exploiting fears stemming from the global health crisis.

Chinese Facial Recognition Firm Says It Can Now Identify People Wearing Masks

Hanwang Technology, a Chinese firm specializing in facial recognition software, says it can now identify people that are wearing masks to protect against the coronavirus. The company says it used a sample database of around 6 million unmasked faces and a smal…

The EARN IT Act is an Attack on Encryption

A bipartisan pair of US senators on Thursday introduced long-rumored legislation known as the EARN IT Act. The bill is meant to combat child sexual exploitation online, but if passed, it could hurt encryption as we know it. Matthew Green, a cryptographer and …

14 statistics you probably didn’t know about preventative health care in the United States

Preventative health care measures, like going to the doctor for routine checkups and getting flu shots every year, are less common in the United States than you might think. Health Testing Centers looked into CDC data on preventative health care trends in the…

Intelligence Officials Temper Russia Warnings, Prompting Accusations of Political Influence

Intelligence Officials Temper Russia Warnings, Prompting Accusations of Political Influence

Democrats said that the administration was trying to minimize Russian interference, but intelligence officials insisted that their assessments were based on facts.

Barr Increasingly Appears Focused on Undermining Mueller Inquiry

A judge’s criticism cast light on the first in a series of steps by the attorney general to take aim at the Russia investigation.

Translator Accused of Revealing U.S. Secrets Amid Tensions With Iran

Prosecutors said a contractor shared the names of informants — among the government’s most closely held secrets — to a Lebanese man with ties to an Iran-backed group.

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Use Google Advanced Protection to Protect Your Family Members From Android Malware

Use Google Advanced Protection to Protect Your Family Members From Android Malware

The Google Play Store unwittingly hosts malicious apps, and it seems like a new batch is discovered every other week. You should be OK as long as you follow basic data security protocols, use a reliable anti-malware service, and are vigilant about removing da…

‘Just false!’ ex-Obama official contradicts Trump’s coronavirus remark

Ambassador Susan Rice, National Security Adviser to President Obama, said that the US government has been aware of the threat of a global health crisis for decades, and she personally briefed President Trump’s then-incoming National Security Adviser Gen. Mich…

Trump says he is ‘strongly considering’ full pardon for Michael Flynn

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that he is “strongly considering” a full pardon for former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

What government can and can’t do during pandemic

CNN’s National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem explains who has the authority to put US citizens under lock down or quarantine.

As universities shut their doors, international students are left in limbo

Surprise campus closures are just the beginning of the difficulties international students face. In addition to the stress of moving and saying goodbye to friends, many of these students are scrambling to secure access to things many college students take for…

Across furtive videocons, junior VCs wait for the layoffs to begin

Amid post-YC Demo Day discussions and online “coffee” catchups, there is a lingering sense of dread among VCs — particularly junior VCs — about their own job security. Over the past few days, I have heard rumors — and they are just rumors, for now — about thr…

Hashicorp soars above $5B valuation in new $175M venture round

The rise of the cloud over the past decade has forced software developers and DevOps engineers to completely rearchitect the modern web application, ensuring scalability, performance, and security. That’s a really painful proposition when done manually, which…

TikTok donates $3 million to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charity feeding kids affected by school closures

The social media giant TikTok said that it would donate $3 million to After–School All-Stars, a charity founded by actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to feed families whose food security was affected by the close of public schools in …

In the Robot Skies Directed by Liam Young

Over a council estate tower block in London a network of monitoring drones keep track of the citizens below. With the eyes of the drones two teens are kept apart, each held by cops order within the digital confines of their very own tower. Jazmin is a drone cyberpunk and has actually pirated and also decorated one of the airborne video cameras, scrawling messages on it with her marker, passing notes to her guy Tamir in the tower reverse.