” The Rabbit Man” – Original Title: “Dreilaeufer”.
short film, 2005, starring: Verena Buratti, Ole Tillmann.

Richard (Ole Tillmann) lives a lonely life as an agoraphobic, his illness prevents him from dating his shy neighbor Pauline (Verena Buratti). At his office in a monitoring booth, monitoring train stations in the evening, he locates a bunny match. While wearing it his health issues is momentarily healed. Pauline is rather entertained of this impersonate, they drop in love but the spirited youngsters get on an envious bunny search.

This 15 min movie took 2 years in the production as well as i am still really happy for all the great payment of so many talented people. Beginning with actors, Verena prior starred in Roberto Benigni’s “Life is beautiful” and Ole held the german “Top Of The Pops” for 2 years prior to he kicked off his effective acting career. The DP of this movie, Robert Wiesmann, also was an assistant cameraman on the popular “Das Boot” by Wolfgang Petersen as well as numerous other projects.