Featuring Jaime Carrera, Angharad Davies,

Alex Grant & Taryn Griggs. Developed by Angharad Davies.
This short, implied to imitate the monitoring of surveillance electronic cameras focused on innocent employees at recreation, was meant as an interstitial for Angaharad Davies ‘evening-length show Work Party. Premiered at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, November 2010.


https://vimeo.com/228500082!.?.!In 2010, radicals in the UK uncovered that their intended long-term friend as well as partner, Mark Stone, was really covert cop Mark Kennedy.

Whisper left users' details exposed in an open database for years

Whisper left users’ details exposed in an open database for years

The once-popular app Whisper promises a place where you can share secrets anonymously. According to a Washington Post report, however, it left sensitive information that can be tied to users’ confessions exposed to the public for years. Apparently, Whisper ke…

Big Tech Will Pay Its Hourly Workers Even as Full-Time Staff Stays Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Various big tech companies announced this week that they will continue to pay hourly employees that provide their offices with much-needed services, such as food catering, security and cleaning, even as an increasing number of tech giants ask their full-time …

U.S. national security agencies gather to combat potential election interference

National security professionals from across the U.S. government will meet on Tuesday in a Northern Virginia office building for an unprecedented monitoring effort to counter cyberattacks and foreign disinformation aimed at Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

Two rockets fall inside Baghdad’s Green Zone: security sources

Two Katyusha rockets fell early on Monday morning inside the heavily fortified Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which houses government buildings and foreign missions, but caused no casualties, security sources told Reuters.

Putin, Erdogan agree on security corridor for Syria’s Idlib: Lavrov

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed on Thursday to set up a security corridor for Syria’s Idlib province, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Moscow.

Erdogan holds emergency Turkish meeting over Syria’s Idlib: sources

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan chaired an emergency security meeting late on Thursday to evaluate the latest developments in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, two Turkish security sources said.

5 years of Intel CPUs and chipsets have a concerning flaw that’s unfixable

Converged Security and Management Engine flaw may jeopardize Intel’s root of trust.

Facial recognition startup Clearview AI says its full client list was stolen

You might expect a high-profile (and controversial) facial recognition startup like Clearview AI would have its data locked down, but it turns out it’s just as vulnerable as almost any other company to malicious individuals. In a notification obtained by The …

A Botnet Is Taken Down in an Operation by Microsoft, Not the Government

A Botnet Is Taken Down in an Operation by Microsoft, Not the Government

Employees had tracked the group, believed to be based in Russia, as it hijacked nine million computers around the world to send spam emails meant to defraud unsuspecting victims.

White Supremacists Targeted Journalists and a Trump Official, F.B.I. Says

In a continuing crackdown on violent neo-Nazi groups, prosecutors charged members of the Atomwaffen Division with harassing journalists, activists and others.

Push for More Privacy Protections Throws Surveillance Bill Talks Into Disarray

As time runs out to renew three F.B.I. investigative tools for terrorism and spy inquiries, both parties are divided and President Trump remains a wild card.

Plucky TSA Spokesperson With a TikTok Account Draws Stern Warning from Chuck Schumer

Plucky TSA Spokesperson With a TikTok Account Draws Stern Warning from Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer, America’s dean who swears to god this is the last warning about the phones, has asked the TSA to get off TikTok. In a missive addressed to TSA Administrator David Pekoske on Saturday, Schumer noted that a previous string of warnings res…

House Passes Ban on Flavored e-Cigs but White House Will Likely Veto

On Friday, the House of Representatives approved new legislation that bans the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products. The bill was contentious among the Democratic caucus this week but ultimately passed with a vote of 213-195. The …

Samsung’s new 5G-optimized display has nothing to do with 5G

The real improvements are in power savings. What you need to know Samsung this week announced new 5G optimized OLED displays. In reality, the improvements have to do with reduced power consumption and blue light emission of the new panels. Samsung says there’…

Utah Spent $250k on a Surveillance Startup Instead of Life-Saving Drugs

The Utah Department of Health wanted to buy naloxone, which reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. The state gave it to an AI company instead.

Swiss Government Files Criminal Complaint Over CIA’s Decades-Long Global Encryption Racket

As senators and U.S. tech companies scream their fears of Chinese spyware (TikTok) and state-funded telecoms (Huawei) from the rooftops, the U.S. is being called to face up to its own penchant for planetary surveillance. Announced Sunday, a Swiss government a…

Congress Warns U.S. Will Be Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Without Major Reform

A major congressional study of U.S. preparedness in cyberspace released this week found that the U.S. needs to catch up, and fast—or run the risk of being caught off guard by an adversary. Read more…

Jury Deadlocked in Case of Accused WikiLeaks Source Charged for ‘Vault 7’ CIA Leaks

A federal jury on Monday said it had failed to reach a verdict on eight counts in the trial of a former CIA computer engineer who is accused of leaking a trove of classified material to the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks. Read more…

Surveillance Firm Banjo Used a Secret Company and Fake Apps to Scrape Social Media

One former employee said the secret company called Pink Unicorn Labs was doing the same thing as Cambridge Analytica, “but more nefariously, arguably.”