D.C. Prosecutors’ Tensions With Justice Dept. Began Long Before Stone Sentencing

D.C. Prosecutors’ Tensions With Justice Dept. Began Long Before Stone Sentencing

Months of strain date back to the investigation into the former F.B.I. official Andrew McCabe and growing fears of political interference.

At Supreme Court, a Case on Abuse of the No-Fly List

Three Muslim men say F.B.I. agents tried to use the list to coerce them into becoming informants, in violation of a federal law protecting religious freedom.

Judge Excuses 9/11 Defense Lawyer and Postpones Torture Testimony

The court will allow the lawyer to withdraw gradually from the case for health reasons while the Pentagon finds another death penalty expert.

Two White Roses

https://vimeo.com/164786903!.?.!A documentary analyzing the durability of one family members as they state staying in the German Democratic Republic under Stasi security. https://www.facebook.com/twowhiterosesfilm/?ref=br_rs

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