Barr vows surveillance changes amid fear of FISA debacle

Barr vows surveillance changes amid fear of FISA debacle

The attorney general briefed Senate Republicans ahead of a fast-approaching deadline.

UCLA cancels on-campus facial recognition program after backlash – CNET

The university had planned to scan faces for people banned from campus.

North Korea Releases 221 Foreigners Held in Coronavirus Quarantine

The country has not publicly disclosed any COVID-19 cases, but outsiders are skeptical the virus hasn’t spread there

‘Bloomberg Surveillance’ Full Show (03/02/2020)

‘Bloomberg Surveillance’ Full Show (03/05/2020)

Businesses are selling face masks for hundreds of dollars to profit off of the coronavirus and authorities are cracking down

Getty Images Face masks are being sold for hundreds of dollars and New York City has cracked down on predatory pricing. Businesses found to be taking advantage of coronavirus fears by price gouging sanitary items can be fined up to $500. Online retailers have…

Ex-Mueller aide defends prosecution of Michael Flynn

Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack says the FBI’s mishandling of surveillance applications didn’t affect former Trump adviser’s case.

Facial recognition: Concerns over China’s widespread surveillance

The technology is part of the government’s nationwide plan to boost security and surveillance.

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