Listen to Coverage From ‘The Daily’ on China’s Crackdown on Uighurs

Listen to Coverage From ‘The Daily’ on China’s Crackdown on Uighurs

As China continues its crackdown on ethnic minorities, including Uighur Muslims, as many as a million people have been detained in internment camps over three years.

The End of Privacy as We Know It?

An unregulated facial recognition app can probably tell the police your name, and help them find out where you live and who your friends are.

NATO in Urgent Talks After 33 Turkish Troops Killed in Syria

NATO in Urgent Talks After 33 Turkish Troops Killed in Syria

Ambassadors from NATO will hold emergency talks at the request of Turkey following the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in northeast Syria

Pewdiepie spied on his wife through their security system in a weirdly romantic gesture

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg’s hiatus from YouTube is ongoing, but his wife is still sharing Instagram missives from their recent travels. The two recently enjoyed time off in Japan together, before Marzia flew home to the UK. But don’t worry — the pair is sta…

Impressive video of truck picked clean by thieves

NBC5 Dallas/Fort Worth reporter Katy Blakey posted impressive video from a road in Southlake, Texas where thieves picked a Chevrolet Silverado clean, leaving not much more than the shell of the cab behind. There’s been a rash of Silverado thefts in the area, …

The Streatham terror attacker grabbed a $5 kitchen knife from a hardware store’s shelf to stab his victims

The man who stabbed two people in Streatham, south London, on Sunday had used a £3.99 ($5) kitchen knife stolen from a local hardware store’s shelf. The knife was taken from a display by the checkout and had “a marble effect plastic handle and a ten-inch stee…

A ‘stalkerware’ app leaked phone data from thousands of victims

A spyware app designed to “monitor everything” on a victim’s phone has been secretly installed on thousands of phones. The app, KidsGuard, claims it can “access all the information” on a target device, including its real-time location, text messages, browser …

Clearview client list “stolen”

Clearview, the shady facial-recognition firm with links to law-enforcement and alt-right internet trolls, reports that its entire client list has been stolen. In the notification, which The Daily Beast reviewed, the startup Clearview AI disclosed to its custo…

New guy at gas station stole $17,183 worth of stuff on first shift, say cops

In Connecticut, police are trying to identify a man captured on surveillance camera stealing about $17,000 worth of merchandise from a gas station. Cops say the guy got a job there, then proceeded to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen lottery …

Britain vows tougher rules for terror convicts after latest London attack

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set out tougher rules for terror convicts after a man released early from a jail term for Islamist-related terrorism offences injured two people in a stabbing spree in south London.