CCTV sousveillance in operation

Sousveillance implies bringing security down to human degree: making the individuals in control of the monitoring system. Looking inside provides you the sight of the monitoring cam on top of the post. The video clip first presents a sight on security by David Scharf, then it shows
our system in actionActivity

How to Tell if Your College is Using Facial Recognition to Monitor People on Campus

How to Tell if Your College is Using Facial Recognition to Monitor People on Campus

A growing number of college and universities have started using biometrics surveillance as a way to monitor students while they’re on campus. The problem is, not all of them are 100% upfront about that surveillance. This week digital rights organization Fight…

How to Shop for a Smart Home Security Camera

Smart security cameras seem to be everywhere, and we don’t just mean watching your every move. With the prevalence of cheap components and cloud storage, installing a home or business surveillance system is easier than ever. But there are so many brands and t…

CEO of Creepy Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Says He Has First Amendment Right to Billions of Photos

Hoan Ton-That, the CEO and founder of a face recognition company that he freely admits could help lead to a surveillance “nightmare” and a “dystopian future or something,” says he has a First Amendment right to scrape whatever images he damn well pleases off …

Homeless Man Files Civil Rights Suit Against Police Officer Who Monitored Him on Facebook

Not all police are bad, but Facebook is the highway to surveillance hell, and cops are on it. In the latest story to highlight cop’s social media activity, a homeless resident of Los Angeles has filed a civil rights suit against the city and a police officer…

ACLU says it’ll fight DHS efforts to use app locations for deportations

The American Civil Liberties Union plans to fight newly revealed practices by the Department of Homeland Security which used commercially available cell phone location data to track suspected illegal immigrants. “DHS should not be accessing our location infor…

Welfare Surveillance System Violates Human Rights, Dutch Court Rules

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: A Dutch court has ordered the immediate halt of an automated surveillance system for detecting welfare fraud because it violates human rights, in a judgment likely to resonate well beyond the Netherlands.…

China rolls out ‘close contact detection app’ for coronavirus

China has launched an app that aims to reduce the spread of coronavirus by alerting users when they’ve been in close proximity to someone with the illness. According to a report in Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, the app — named the Close Contact Dete…

Coronavirus exposes China’s surveillance state

The so-called Wuhan Coronavirus has killed more than 700 people, mostly in Mainland China, and the outbreak continues to spread with new cases on new continents. In China, Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV is also exposing the surveillance state — apps show locati…

Keep Your ZigBee Smart Home Devices Updated to Protect Against This Hack

Keep Your ZigBee Smart Home Devices Updated to Protect Against This Hack

Hacked by a Hue lightbulb? It sounds silly, but security researchers at Check Point Software recently demonstrated that unpatched Philips Hue smart lights be used as an attack vector into your network if someone takes advantage of an exploit in the ZigBee pro…

Update Android to Fix a Major Bluetooth Bug

Anyone with an older Android device running Android 8 or 9 needs to be wary of using Bluetooth. A bug was discovered by cyber-security firm ERNW that allows anyone within range of a Bluetooth-enabled Android device to gain access to the device’s storage. Read…

What to Do When Your Travel Partner Doesn’t Have TSA Precheck

Back in 2018, the House passed a bill that would ban most passengers who weren’t enrolled in TSA Precheck from entering its expedited security lines at airports—much to the collective groan of Precheck-enrolled passengers traveling with those who aren’t. Read…

Block Internet Explorer’s Latest Vulnerability With This Workaround

Microsoft disclosed a troublesome vulnerability in Internet Explorer last week, affecting various permutations of Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11 across Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10 (as well as various editions of Windows Server). The bad news is that Micro…

Stephen Miller ally tapped as top Homeland Security attorney

Chad Mizelle, a Trump administration official who is viewed as an ally of senior White House policy adviser and immigration hardliner Stephen Miller, has been tapped to be the Department of Homeland Security’s top attorney.

Update This WordPress Plugin to Prevent a Site Takeover

Security researchers discovered a severe vulnerability present in older versions of the popular WordPress plugin Code Snippets that could allow attackers to take over a person’s website remotely. The plugin’s developers have issued a patch to fix the bug, but…

Update WhatsApp’s Desktop Client to Block a Remote-Access Vulnerability

WhatsApp is usually thought of as a secure messaging app, but while your messages might be safely encrypted, the service’s apps are as prone to security vulnerabilities as any others. And the latest WhatsApp bug is a big one. Read more…

Yubico is making it easier for businesses to buy its YubiKeys

A growing number of companies are looking at hardware authentication security keys as a trusted and convenient way to protect sensitive corporate data. Indeed, Google has recently launched an open source project to help advance the uptake of this technology. …

Hypertense 0013 – Prétexte mixtape!.?.!52 mins of VHS fever and also digital delirium tremens. Wait as well as drink some gin for 2014. 00:00 -05:56: Breathing Problem- Chemical Aversion (Album: Reactive Attachment Disorder). 05:57 -09:22: Lonely Walk- V.I.H.S.( Album: V.I.H.S. ). 09:23 -12:19: Wolf Eyes – Born Liar (Album: No Answer-Lower Floor).
12:19 -16:09: Cryme – Thea Samper Power (Album: Mekonium).
16:10 -19:01: Feuerbahn – Weimar Attack Release (Album: The Fire Dance).
19:02 -21:02: Three Winters – Aeon Surveillance (Album: The Atrocities EP).
21:03 -23:29: Kommando R.J.F. – Into Chaos_Into Oblivion (Album: Sweet Slow Suicide).
23:30 -26:10: Âmes Sanglantes – Book of Furnaces (Album: Split W/ Alberich).
26:11 -31:16: Mika Vainio – Cranes (Album: Kilo).
31:17 -35:23: Plastobeton – Écrase load sexe (Album: Glam mort).
35:24 -38:23: Veil of Light – Broken Glass (Album: Veil of Light).
38:24 -44:38: Opale – Les champs magnétiques (Luminous Version) (Album: L’incandescent).
44:39 -51:40: Femminielli Noir – Dansez (Album: L’éveil).

Citoyenquatre / Bande-annonce!.?.!Voici la bande-annonce du movie Citoyenquatre, suédage dans les règles de l’art d’environ un quart d’heure du film Citizenfour. La première diffusion française de l’avant-première mondiale mood lieu le jeudi 23 avril dans les locaux de La Labomedia à Orléans. Plus d’infos ici:

Public Domain III. God Is Watching Over Us. 2010!.?.!Public Domain Series III. God is Watching Over Us Outside In the Panoptican. An artwork by Stanza utilizing live CCTV from inside a building and also relaying it all outdoors.” Public Domain III. Outdoors In the Panoptican”, proceeds the collection of examinations right into making uses of CCTV to extend room as well as invoke perceptions of openness with architectural space. This art work expands the architecture of the structure into the city. The art work includes the performative aspect of those being viewed as they are/ can be shown inside the artwork. The public are installed right into the details of the art work to ensure that they end up being the
art work. The experience ends up being a live artefact, the work is constantly changing, never the very same once more always different for life. The focus is the real-time vibrant interpretation of the space and the people both inside and outside. CCTV systems are almost everywhere in the public domain name. We are all actors, small role actors, in a gigantic motion picture called life. Other than we can not view, it is out show and tell as well as the outcomes are kept an eye on, filtered and distributed without our permission.