Dronevolt Canada

https://vimeo.com/156220774!.?.!Vidéo de présentation de Dronevolt Canada Inc. Notre société vous recommend des drones put la security, la prise de vue aérienne, les services de sécurité, l’inspection, l’agriculture, la photogramétrie etc. Notre département R&D conçoit aussi des drones sur mesure.

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A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the ‘Base’

A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the ‘Base’

A secret domestic terrorism investigation revealed that the violent neo-Nazi group was recruiting cells across the United States.

Putin Outlines Political Overhaul, Including Possible Post for Himself

By proposing to empower a toothless advisory body, President Vladimir V. Putin set off new speculation about his long-term plans.

How U.S. Firms Helped Africa’s Richest Woman Exploit Her Country’s Wealth

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former president, built an empire in a country mired in corruption. Western consultants were her advisers.

la panne optique – monsieur saï – 2011

https://vimeo.com/21588321!.?.!Texte: Monsieur Saï Produit par Mitron aka Sooolem Label: Good Citizen manufacturing facility- http://www.gcfactory.org Réalisation: Jean Charles Frémont- http://www.haveaniceday.me Le Nouvel Album de Monsieur Saï sortira le 15 Avril 2011. Trois ans après “Le Nouveau Patriote “, Monsieur Saï revient avec un nouvel cd résolument Hip Hop aux influences rock, noise ou repetition complimentary jazz. Traitants à la fois de la security généralisée et de la control des masses, les 14 titres de cet piece cherchent à dénoncer la manière do not on fabrique le consentement populaire face à la répression et le fascisme ordinaire. Avec la involvement de: Sooolem( Henri Mash), Clelia Vega, Cyesm, Arth?, Doz1JeE, Le Crapaud & La Morue, Rico du CornerShop, DJ Bonz et les musiciens d’Henri Mash. Disponible à partir du 15 Avril en layout CD (avec un livret de 16 web pages incluant les paroles des morceaux) sur gcfactory.org ou sur vos plateformes de téléchargement habituelles.

NATO AGS Global Hawk Flight

07/09/2016: The first of NATO’s five unmanned air vehicles rolled off the factory line in San Diego on Thursday, 4 June 2015. The Global Hawk Block 40 is part of the Alliance Ground Surveillance Program (AGS).
The NATO-owned and -operated AGS core capability will enable the Alliance to perform persistent surveillance over wide areas from high-altitude long-endurance aircraft in any weather or light condition .
The system will give commanders a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground.
The AGS system is being acquired by 15 Allies (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States).
AGS is scheduled to reach initial operational capability by the end of 2017. The air vehicles will be controlled from the main operating centre in Sigonella, Italy.
Credit: NATO:6/28/16

Investigator Is Choked

Investigator Is Choked

Angela Clemente, who has helped investigate several notable criminal cases, is found slumped in her car in Brooklyn; police say she was choked by man who flagged her down (S)

Investigator Is Choked

A woman who has helped investigate several notable criminal cases was hospitalized after being found slumped in her car in southern Brooklyn.


New Jersey Symphony Orchestra opens investigation of its $18 million acquisition of 30 period stringed instruments from Herbert Axelrod, who has been indicted on federal tax evasion charges (S)

Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused of hacking crimes in Brazil – CNET

Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused of hacking crimes in Brazil – CNET

Greenwald reported on NSA surveillance based on leaks from Edward Snowden in 2013.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Are the Best Candidates on Internet Freedom

Sanders and Warren have better policies on privacy, surveillance, broadband access, net neutrality, and other internet freedom issues, a study by Free Press has found.

Security guards in world famous Harrods store could go on strike

The store’s security officers and video surveillance operators, members of the U.K.’s biggest union, Unite, have begun voting on strike action.

Save up to $150 on an Arlo Pro 3 wireless security camera system

Android Police covers a variety of products under its umbrella — some of them aren’t strictly in the Android ecosystem — and one such diverse category is home surveillance. Namely, smart home surveillance. So, any chance we get to highlight savings on some pr…

Person with TV on their head caught on video leaving TVs on folks porches

Back in August someone found an interesting way to get rid of old CRTs. They did this over 50x!!! 6ABC : No need to adjust that dial. Doorbell surveillance cameras captured the man with a TV set over his head, laying an older set down on someone’s front porch…

FBI says monitoring of ex-Trump aide should’ve ended sooner

Justice Department concludes there was “insufficient predication” to continue.

Dutch court rules against welfare surveillance

The creation and adoption of surveillance systems based on Artificial Intelligence often feels like it’s widely outpacing the sp

Synology’s $300 DS420j NAS is a great way to kickstart your home server

Synology has rolled out an enticing update in its value-focused NAS series with the DS420j. What you need to know Synology’s latest entry-level NAS is the 4-bay DS420j, now available for $299. The NAS comes with a quad-core Realtek chipset, delivering a decen…