Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an ominous message for the rest of us: You may not like me, but you will understand me. Read more…

Google and Facebook turn their backs on undersea cable to China

Google and Facebook seem to have resigned themselves to losing part of the longest and highest profile internet cable they have invested in to date. In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission last week, the two companies requested permission to ac…

Do Ring Cameras Violate Wiretapping Laws? New Hampshire Is About to Find Out

Prosecutors want to use audio captured by one of Amazon’s home surveillance cameras as evidence in an unprecedented case.

Drones to Ploughshares

In a near future, a surveillance drone serving an authoritarian state is captured—and offered a new lease on sentience.

Max Q: SpaceX’s Starlink constellation grows again

Max Q is a new weekly newsletter all about space. Sign up here to receive it weekly on Sundays in your inbox. This week was the busiest yet for space-related news in 2020, thanks in part to the 23rd Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference that h…

Lindsey Graham Is Quietly Preparing a Mess of a Bill Trying to Destroy End-to-End Encryption

Top Trump ally and consistent encryption scaremonger Senator Lindsey Graham is working on a bill that could coerce tech companies to stop providing end-to-end encryption by threatening them with massive legal liability, The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neg…

Ukraine Opens Investigation Into Claims U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch Was Monitored

Ukraine says it’s asking the FBI to help determine whether international laws were broken, or “whether it is just a bravado and a fake information” from a U.S. politician.

What Happens When ‘Ring Neighbors’ Are Always Watching?

The New York Times reports on “Ring Neighbors,” a local social networking service launched by Amazon in 2018 where users “share videos of delivery people carelessly throwing packages, or failing to wait for an answer at the door; others share footage of mail …

VCR: London

The gamer has the capacity to stop briefly as well as rewind time as well as a shock wave gun to blast items and adversaries with the air. A curfew is in effect and the gamer must be mindful and utilize their time adjustment capacity and also shock wave gun efficiently to advance.