Spy in bush

Spy in the Wild is a British nature documentary television series, produced by BBC Natural History Unit, John Downer Productions and PBS.[1] The series premiered in 2017 with a second series in 2020.


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The first series ran for five episodes from 12 January 2017 and concluded on 3 February 2017, and aired on BBC One. The series focuses on the complex emotions of animals, using more than 30 specially built animatronic “spy creatures”.

The series was narrated by David Tennant in the original version, while Brian Unger provides substitute narration in the American PBS version as it was broadcast under Nature Special Presentation series.



DVD and Blu-ray[edit]

A two-disc DVD[7] and two-disc Blu-ray set[8] for the series were released on 20 March 2017. Both were distributed by Spirit Entertainment in the UK.[9]

In the United States and Canada, the DVDs are divided into two parts and they were released on 28 February[10][11][12] and 15 August 2017.[13][14][15][16] Both DVDs were retain with David Tennant’s narration from the original British broadcasts.

In Australia and New Zealand, the DVD was released by ABC DVD/Village Roadshow on 7 June 2017.[17]


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