OFFICIAL TRAILER: Take Back Your Power (2014)!.?.!WATCH FULL FILM: or cost-free by means of Amazon Prime: The NSA spying rumor revealed vast programs to keep track of
individual interactions. Now, federal governments as well as energies are reaching into your very own home, via fast-tracked” smart “meters and spy-ready modern technology. However what happens if you have a selection? At stake is in-home monitoring, increasing bills, arising health and wellness dangers as well as hacking susceptabilities. With compelling insight from whistleblowers, federal government agents, lawyers, medical professionals & conservationists, the prize-winning Take Back Your Power takes us on a journey to reveal corruption and disintegration of civil liberties in the name of “wise” as well as “eco-friendly.” What you’ll find will certainly amaze, agitate as well as empower you. VICTOR: Leo Award for Best Feature Documentary( BC). VICTOR: Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award.

VICTOR: AwareCinema Transformational Film of the Year.

The Watching Eye

In his publication 1984, George Orwell spoke of a security culture where”Big Brother is enjoying you “. We are significantly living in a globe where this is the case.

Squash & Stretch: The Secret Life of Zucchinis

Alison Reiko Loader’s Kinder/Garden ( monitoring and control through the assisted reproduction of foetal veggies, while Owen Chapman’s(Opositive )Calling the Voice-O-Graph( difficulties to diffusion as well as cross-pollination encountered by sample-based songs. Internet electronic cameras controlled by given away computer systems recorded the movements of summertime squash in Concordia’s roof yard situated in midtown Montreal, as well as microscopy was carried out in scientist Tagny Duff’s Fluxmedia Lab(