Intel is patching its Zombieload CPU security flaw for the third time

Intel is patching its Zombieload CPU security flaw for the third time

For the third time in less than a year, Intel has disclosed a new set of vulnerabilities related to the speculative functionality of its processors. On Monday, the company said it will issue a software update “in the coming weeks” that will fix two more micro…

Buttigieg’s CISO resigns, leaving no known cybersecurity chiefs among the 2020 candidates

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has lost his campaign’s chief information security officer, who cited “differences” with the campaign over its security practices. Mick Baccio, who served under the former South Bend mayor’s campaign for the White House, …

Red teams OK to push ethical limits but not on themselves, study says

Wake up, make breakfast, get the kids to school, drive to work, break into the chief financial officer’s inbox and steal the entire company’s employee tax records. Maybe later you’ll grab a bagel from across the street. For “red teams” — or offensive security…

Microsoft will now pay up to $20k for Xbox Live security exploits

Think you’ve found a glaring security hole in Xbox Live? Microsoft is interested. The company announced a new bug bounty program today, focused specifically on its Xbox Live network and services. Depending on how serious the exploit is and how complete your r…

Trump: I’d love for these people to testify, but…

President Donald Trump says former national security adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry can’t testify at his impeachment trial due to national security concerns.

Verkada raises $80M at $1.6B to be every building’s security OS

50 iPads were stolen from Verkada co-founder Hans Robertson’s old company. Only when they checked the security system did they realize the video cameras hadn’t been working for months. He was pissed. “The market lagged behind the progress seen in the consumer…

Zoom vulnerability would have allowed hackers to eavesdrop on calls

Check Point Research says it found security flaws in Zoom that would have allowed a potential hacker to join a video meeting uninvited and listen in, potentially accessing any files or information shared.

The UK Announces Regulations to Beef Up IoT Security—The U.S. Should Follow Suit

Today, the UK has announced new legislation aimed at protecting consumers who buy connected devices from hacking and other types of security risks. The law would require makers of Internet of Things devices to adhere to three security requirements, which fran…

We Need a Law to Save Us From Dystopia

We Need a Law to Save Us From Dystopia

It’s not too late. And it better be comprehensive.

We’re Banning Facial Recognition. We’re Missing the Point.

The whole point of modern surveillance is to treat people differently, and facial recognition technologies are only a small part of that.

Progress in Salmonella Investigation

Progress in Salmonella Investigation

Nine of the 228 people who have gotten sick from salmonella-tainted tomatoes ate at two restaurants in the same chain.

Purdue to Investigate Professor

Several accusations of research misconduct against a Purdue professor who claims to have generated nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment merit further investigation, the university said.

Manhattan: A Call for an Investigation

The chairman of the State Democratic Party called on the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department yesterday to investigate allegations that Representative Vito J. Fossella Jr. violated campaign finance regulations. Mr. Fossella, left…

Witnessing peace!.?.!Filmed throughout a tranquility presentation outside the Faslane Naval Base in Scotland where Britain’s nuclear tools are maintained,’ Witnessing tranquility’shows several of the photo activities during the demonstration. It highlights the significance of the liberty to record as well as record by journalists and also common people as a form of checks as well as balances against state monitoring and power.

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