Exercise (Dunhuang) 2014 : orbit – morning

For Exercise (Dunhuang )2014, John Gerrard commissioned an American satellite imaging company to depth-scan these markings in order to electronically reconstruct the whole structure and also its surrounding landscape. The entire performance, play, competitors or exercise is portrayed

by three different 3 variousDigital electronic cameras human head height, from the point of view of a circling low-flying drone, and from as well as satellite’s vertical perspectiveUpright Charged with piecing together the information they supply, conducting a dispassionate surveillance, the customer is telepresent, omniscient, yet oddly separated; a handling network for info moves with a possibly terrible intent, contemplating the scene, constructing the narrative from above, making every effort to permeate the logic of the exercise.

Architecture on Film: Sarah Morris Q&A

The UK best of musician Sarah Morris’ mesmeric and also magnificent
study research study Olympian Beijing, preceded by her first initial, a 24 hour cinematic motion picture of NYC’s Midtown. Followed by a Q&A between Morris and also Dr Andrea Phillips. Even more( consisting of Andrea Phillips ‘essay on the movies ):.

Former L.A. County Sheriff Is Ordered to Prison for Obstruction of Justice

Former L.A. County Sheriff Is Ordered to Prison for Obstruction of Justice

Lee Baca, 77, was convicted in 2017 of obstructing an F.B.I. investigation into corruption and civil rights abuses at jails under his control.

F.B.I. Vows to Notify State Officials of Any Election Systems Breaches

The change in policy came after an outcry about how federal law enforcement officials handled a Russian hack of two Florida counties’ voter rolls.

Man Accused of Making ‘Swatting’ Threats With White Supremacists

The authorities say that the suspect is part of a nationwide ring of white supremacists trying to foment panic.

Q Bits – Show 121 – WOTW – Umbrella Surveillance – Tech Tyrants – The Sting – The Tale

2 New Q. Leadership.

– VP Pence

The Players.
– ImpeachMint.

– Clown Brennan.
– Iran Selling Carpets.
-1001 Iranian Flights.
– I o RA.


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