Q Bits – Show 113 – War of the Worlds – Umbrella Surveillance – Tech Tyrants –

Air Date: 17. JAN. 2020.

. War of the Worlds/ Umbrella Surveillance.

# 113 -GENESIS GAMBIT. -Deep State Strikes Back.
– Defeating Goliath. -Genesis Gambit.
The human race’s adversary was talented with capacities
and scope not shown to we human beings: direct accessibility to God, access to unlimited knowledge, everlasting life, excellent love and can take a trip the known world without limitation. Yet, Isaiah reminds us that the human race’s opponent exalted in his very own heart above the stars over the throne of God Himself. This is Pride- as well as an awful thing before the Lord. Lucifer had not been crowned with all the Grace and also Glory that God has actually purchased mankind
– as, where man’s opponent does indeed have everlasting life -he can not, as guy does – procreate. And also with this procreation would certainly come even the Son of God- One Who Is Greater than the enemy can ever be. What is more, God revealed his strategy unto the enemy of man – with His Blessings- very first unto Abraham and also by transmission, all the human race as well as while Abraham slept, following unto Isaac, where God said,” I will certainly be with you, and also bless you; for to you and your descendants I will provide all these lands, as well as I will hold firm the vow which I promised unto Abraham your daddy; as well as I will multiply your descendants as the celebrities of heaven; and also by your kids will all the countries of the planet be blessed.” And, finally, God Blessed Jacob, whom He rechristened” Israel”- saying therefore,” I am Almighty God. Have lots of youngsters. Countries will certainly be come down from you, and also you will be the forefather of kings. I will give you the land which I offered to Abraham and to Isaac, and also I will certainly additionally give it to your offspring after you.”. From the House of David would certainly come the Messiah. And also, this is why the servants of the enemy screech as well as cry out in distress
– for they understand their time has actually come. Their things is clear- to remove the line of David as well as damage your home of Israel -and their servants have actually been active. However, we understand:. GOD WINS! Q Bits’ Psalm Project: https://www.gooddog-usa.com/psalm-form. Join Our Discord Community: https://discordapp.com/invite/Amc4fDC. Our Broadcast Partners. Vimeo: https://www.vimeo.com/gooddogusa. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXipjPNm5nJKJoCPwWi4NA.
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Can we keep facial recognition from enabling a surveillance state?

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