‘Black Book’ suggests the feds have some unexpected surveillance tools, including a gravestone camera

‘Black Book’ suggests the feds have some unexpected surveillance tools, including a gravestone camera

VICE published an article today about a company, Special Services Group, that sells surveillance tools built into everyday objects like a vacuum cleaner, an alarm clock, and even a gravestone.

How to (Hypothetically) Hack Your School’s Surveillance System

This week, hacktivist and security engineer Lance R. Vick tweeted an enticing proposition along with a gut-punch headline: “Colleges are turning students’ phones into surveillance machines, tracking the locations of hundreds of thousands,” read the Washington…

Mass surveillance for national security does conflict with EU privacy rights, court advisor suggests

Mass surveillance regimes in the UK, Belgium and France which require bulk collection of digital data for a national security purpose may be at least partially in breach of fundamental privacy rights of European Union citizens, per the opinion of an influenti…

Ring’s Security Woes Cause Some Tech Review Sites to Reconsider Glowing Endorsements

At least two tech review sites are considering plans to rescind their recommendations of Ring home surveillance cameras, a leading digital-rights organization announced this week. Read more…

Which Lucky Surveillance Device Owner Has Footage of Ring’s CEO Crying?

We don’t have time to get into the myriad reasons the Amazon-owned surveillance camera company Ring is a wildly insecure harbinger of an increasingly unpreventable techno-dystopian police state. What we need in this moment is just and swift teamwork: to deter…

FBI Surveillance Vendor Threatens to Sue Tech Reporters for Heinous Crime of Doing Journalism

Motherboard on Thursday revealed that a “secretive” U.S. government vendor whose surveillance products are not publicly advertised has been marketing hidden cameras disguised as seemingly ordinary objects—vacuum cleaners, tree stumps, and tombstones—to the Fe…

Oh Good, the New Police Surveillance Vector Is Self-Driving Cars

Technologists have long speculated on the privacy implications of largely ungoverned, camera-enabled vehicle fleets roaming the roads of America. Now we’ve finally bumped up against the tip of that particularly worrying iceberg. Read more…

Video shows cat taking on 3 coyotes

Maya Gurrin said she was shocked to see her cat Max taking on three coyotes on her surveillance camera, and said she was grateful her pet was safe because the situation could have ended very differently. CNN affiliate KCAL reports.

The Web Never Forgets – Browser Duo (Jasmine Guffond & Emily Morandini)

https://vimeo.com/218748012!.?.!Excerpt from Browser Duo’s online performance at Black Box, UNSWAD, 20th May, 2017. Using the Listening Back chrome browser extension all audios are created through the sonification of internet tracking cookies in real time. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/listening-back/gdkmphlncmoloepkpifnhneogcliiiah Jasmine Guffond, 2017 Thanks to the Black Box Series organisers!

Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALs Who Turned In Edward Gallagher

Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALs Who Turned In Edward Gallagher

Video interviews and group texts obtained by The Times show men describing their platoon leader in grim terms.

Did de Blasio Put Politics Ahead of Yeshiva Students?

New York City stalled the release of a report critical of the schools as the mayor sought the political support of Orthodox Jewish leaders, city investigators found.

It Seemed Like a Popular Chat App. It’s Secretly a Spy Tool.

ToTok, an Emirati messaging app that has been downloaded to millions of phones, is the latest escalation of a digital arms race.

Q Bits – Show 109 – War of the Worlds – Tech Tyrants Comeuppance – The Winning Hand

New Episode Tonight!

>POTUS on Iran
-Right of Self Defense
-Homosexual Rights
>Secretaries of State & Defense
>Elliot Abrams on Venezuela

Royally Flushed
>History: Punic Wars
>Treason Overview
>Club-K Entanglements
>Defanging US Defense
>Arming Enemies
>Salting Fields

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Umbrella Surveillance
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Umbrella Surveillance / Playing Card Facts

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Tonight’s show is about playing the Mighty Game of Poker – which for our purposes consists of 5 hands cards that have been dealt. The Winning Hand, of course, was always in POTUS’ hand – because his winning in 2016 allowed God to Deal The Cards!

Sometimes – it’s not so much about which hand we’re dealt in life, but, rather, how we play the game. Don’t miss this exciting exchange – because Our Future is in the Kitty! …. and the winner takes ALL …..

God Bless!

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Q Bits – Show 112 – War of the Worlds – Umbrella Surveillance – Tech Tyrants – I’ll See You & Raise You $20

# 112. Brian Mast Adds Perspective.

Sec Pompeo Silicon Valley Address.
POTUS/China Trade Deal. FBI Agent Pientkas Folly.

Defanging United States.
Equipping Enemies.
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The initial of 3 US/China Trade Deal tranches are supplied as well as authorized today at the White House, as your home of Representatives Democrats cover one of the essential witnesses under the cloak of immunity, Liddle Adam Schiff. Revealing an 10-High in the first bargain, the Deep State doubles down – attempting to wrest the Nation’s Narrative with bogus Impeachment bluffs. Precisely dripped to the Press simply in time for the morning’s Trade Deal Signing Ceremony, your home’s Liddle Adam leaked a non-sequitr hand-written note, composed between President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and among his hired private investigators.
Lengthy bereft of the Rule of Law, Demon marauders as well as RINO partners try to shut their catch without success – as it is flawlessly legal for an Accused individual’s lawyer to explore evident corruption, money-laundering and also murder – also when the suspect is the kid of a sexually hostile flasher and noticeable child hair-sniffing pervert that coincidentally was as soon as a Vice President of these United States. Despite a 2014 Secret Service reveal which exposed Mr. Biden’s skinny-dipping predilections – the Leftist Press doggedly seek POTUS – as if unproved “allegations” equate to Leftist Revolution.
During the US/China Trade Deal Signing Ceremony, POTUS reveals the ramifications of his Trump Card – revealing Liddle Adam Schiff’s Treason (BDT/Fireworks) – and also even offers the timing of the revelation! Hereafter melodrama concludes, we think about FBI Special Agent Pientka’s Folly and proceed with our Club-K Entanglement subject. This Episode is one for the document publications!


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Air Date: 10. JAN. 2020.
Battle of the Worlds/Umbrella Surveillance.

Tonight, we press a 94 min Trump Rally into 15 mins of effective decode – looping the expressions we’ve been recognizing [Impeachmint (sic); Treason; 401/409K’s; Implications of 409/401K’s; Hussein Arming Enemies – with proof; Clown Coverage; Lincoln Connections (assassinations warded off); [D] Criminal Activity Families; Embedding MS-13 Armies] We after that take a look at the Socio-Economic Implications of Recent Iran Attack Developments & Summarize our information section with a VP Pence Speech regarding New United States China Policy.

Our Deep Dive Segment gets where we ended as well as exposes both hands in this Global Game of Poker. WE are the consolidated Asset (the Ante for this Global Game of Life & Death). The end result of the game is not particular – yet, your petitions can assist route the cards we’re being dealt! Do Not Miss This Episode!

God Bless!

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