Snowden Interview From Russia by the ACLU!.?.!The ACLU of Hawaii offers a intriguing and uncommon public discussion at the Davis Levin First Amendment Conference(“Conference”)taking place on Saturday, February 14th in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Edward Snowden, recognized for his launch of delicate federal government papers will be video-streaming from Moscow to lead this conversation concentrating on federal government surveillance and the civil liberties of private people.

A Move to Investigate the Investigators in WikiLeaks Case

A Move to Investigate the Investigators in WikiLeaks Case

Lawyers for three people under investigation for possible connections to WikiLeaks are appealing to a federal court to reveal which Internet companies have been asked to reveal information about them to the Justice Department.

TV Guide Investigates A Failed Investigation

TV Guide begins four-part, 20,000-word investigative series about CNN and its report last summer alleging that US used nerve gas against its own troops during Vietnam War (S)

A Former Insider Returns to Investigate the Investigators

Interview with Judge William H Webster, former director of FBI and CIA, who will lead outside investigation of how veteran FBI agent Robert P Hanssen succeeded in spying for Russia for 15 years and how bureau can ferret out traitorous agents in fu…

Who are we?!.?.!A brief docudrama on Surveillance. Voiceover- Emmanuel Duru Soundtrack -528491( Inception OST).

The Protest

The Protest

She’d carried the mask around all morning. Like keeping it close would tell her whether to go.

Senators Clash Over Impact of Wiretap Flaws on Broader Russia Inquiry

At a contentious Senate hearing, the politics of the Russia investigation jostled with a policy debate about surveillance.