Investigating the Investigators

Investigating the Investigators

Editorial opposes Federal Bureau of Investigation probe of leaks about intelligence lapses by Senate and House Intelligence committees reviewing government’s response to terrorist threats in years leading up to Sept 11; holds bringing in FBI compr…

Under Investigation, and Doing the Investigation

In dealing with corporate misconduct, the government may be leaning too much on the law firms hired by the companies under investigation.

‘Investigating the Investigations’ Around Bruno

The chairman of the New York State Commission on Investigation said the various inquiries into the Spitzer administration’s actions against State Senator Joseph L. Bruno have been “dysfunctional.”

THE 5TH EYE trailer NZIFF!.?.!A farmer, instructor and also priest get into the Waihopai spy base decreasing a gigantic radome in an act of disarmament, against New Zealand’s function in the US-led War on Terror. A millionaire net magnate as well as supposed copyright pirate battles extradition to the US just to discover he was unlawfully snooped on by the exact same shadowy firm that runs the base, on behalf of the American FBI. With the rise of the security state in the digital age, new battle lines are drawn in new regions, as well as the opponent is chosen closer to home.

Prof. Eben Moglen on Snowden & NSA spying talk 2 of 4!.?.!Prof. Eben Moglen’s

second lecture on the ramifications of Edward Snowden’s revelations. If we desire to life in a free culture in the future, what he has actually offered us and also what we require to do currently

Downloaded and install from: (likewise various other video & audio styles as well as a transcription of the talk).

Fact-check: Pence's tweet about Soleimani

Fact-check: Pence’s tweet about Soleimani

National security analyst Peter Bergen and CNN’s Michael Smerconish discuss Vice President Mike Pence’s tweet citing September 11 as a reason for Soleimani’s killing, which Bergen says is not correct.

Bob Costas describes his encounter with Richard Jewell

When security guard Richard Jewell became a suspect in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 Olympics, sports broadcaster Bob Costas was one of the few to defend him. And Costas says Jewell didn’t forget.

Update Firefox Right Now to Patch This Zero-Day Vulnerability

Even though you probably just updated your Firefox desktop browser to version 72 (released Tuesday), make sure you run one more update to nab a special patch that Mozilla released yesterday. It fixes a zero-day vulnerability that, if exploited, could allow an…

The latest Mozilla Firefox update is really, really important

“An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to take control of an affected system.” What you need to know Mozilla Firefox has released security updates for its browser. The update is so important, even the Department of Homeland Security recommends upgradin…

You can monitor and secure your devices with Lenovo Connected Home Security

You can secure your home network with Lenovo’s latest service. What you need to know Lenovo announced Lenovo Connected Home Security at CES 2020. The service lets you control which devices on your network are monitored for security. The service is free for Le…

TikTok Owner ByteDance Denies That It’s Planning to Sell Majority Stake Amid Espionage Concerns

A Bloomberg report on Monday evening said that ByteDance is considering selling off a majority stake in its incredibly popular and fantastically annoying music app, TikTok, amid intensifying U.S. government concerns that the China-based company is a security …

International money transfer service Travelex held ransom by hackers

Foreign exchange company Travelex has been targeted by hackers demanding $6 million (£4.6 million), in an attack many believe could have been averted months ago. The ransomware gang known as Sodinokibi — also as REvil — says it has downloaded more than 5GB …

U.S. committed to Kuwait’s security: U.S. embassy statement

The United States is committed to the security of Middle East ally Kuwait, the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait said on Wednesday, following Iranian missile attacks on U.S.-led forces in neighboring Iraq.

Eyeo 2018 – Hyphen Labs

Hyphen-Labs experiments in immersive, computationally-driven, big scale setups that integrate conceptual art, style as well as science. Hear concerning their co-collaboration as well as the use of emerging modern technology in their current jobs, highlighting motifs of privacy and also security via the lens of speculative design, objects, neuroscience, architecture as well as online reality. Here, instead of average braids, clients are fitted with transcranial electrodes that combines mind optimization research with timeless black hair routines.

Josh Franco in OUTPOST!.?.!OUTPOST is a 2019 skate boarding video filmed in villages across Minnesota. Generated by the Surveillance Society of Minnesota: Matt Boeltl, Brandon Bowes, Jake Braun, Josh Franco, Cole Lambert, TJ Moran, Ben Narloch, as well as Ike Sarac. Shot by Dan Rusin. Video runs 37 minutes and includes 42 mins of bonus footage.

Why New York’s Inquiry Into Yeshivas Mysteriously Stalled

Why New York’s Inquiry Into Yeshivas Mysteriously Stalled

Mayor Bill de Blasio engaged in “political horse trading,” holding back a report on the ultra-Orthodox schools, investigators found.

The Conservative Case for Impeachment — and Removal

‘The most heinous act in which a democratic government can engage is to use its law enforcement machinery for political ends.’

Senators Clash Over Impact of Wiretap Flaws on Broader Russia Inquiry

At a contentious Senate hearing, the politics of the Russia investigation jostled with a policy debate about surveillance.

Deep Lab documentary

Deep Lab is a congress of cyberfeminist researchers, arranged by Addie Wagenknecht to check out how the motifs of privacy, safety, surveillance, anonymity, as well as massive information aggregation are problematized in the arts, culture and society. Throughout the second week of December 2014, the Deep Lab participants– a group of globally acclaimed new-media artists, info developers, information researchers, software engineers, hackers, theoreticians, reporters as well as authors– collected to engage in crucial assessments of modern electronic society. The very first stage of Deep Lab’s study and also publications are the product of a group residency at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at CMU, in partnership with the CyLab Usable Privacy as well as Security (CUPS )Laboratory at CMU, and made possible via assistance from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts as well as the Art Works program of the National Endowment for the Arts.
Allison Burtch (scientist, artist, lobbyist)
. Claire L. Evans (musician; writer, Futures Editor of Motherboard/Vice Magazine). Denise Caruso (reporter; elderly research scholar, CMU EPP). Harlo Holmes( software program programmer, director of metadata for the Guardian Project ). Ingrid Burrington( independent researcher, musician). Kate Crawford( major researcher, Microsoft Research; going to professor,
MIT). Jen Lowe (information scientist, scientist, writer). Jillian C. York( director for
worldwide freedom of speech, EFF).

Lindsay Howard (independent curator). Lorrie Cranor( director of the CyLab Usable Privacy and also Security [MUGS] Laboratory, CMU ). Maddy Varner (musician, lobbyist; undergraduate trainee, CMU School of Art).
Maral Pourkazemi( visualization designer, artist).
Runa Sandvik (privacy and safety researcher, Tor