Bear71 Trailer!.?.!Bear 71 is an interactive multi-user

online experience distinguished the viewpoint of an omniscient female grizzly bear, referred to as” Bear 71 “by the park rangers who track her. The bear’s story talks with just how we exist together with wildlife in the age of networks, surveillance, and electronic details en mass. Bear 71 is developed by the National Film Board of Canada’s ground damaging electronic studio, which has actually created award-winning jobs: Welcome to Pine Point, The Test Tube with David Suzuki, and also Waterlife.

Surveillance, Security and Civil Liberties

Surveillance, Security and Civil Liberties

The Justice Department should quickly determine whether the N.Y.P.D.’s surveillance of Muslims warrants a full civil rights investigation.

Panel to Expand Inquiry on Surveillance

Leaders of House Intelligence Committee agree to expand their inquiry into National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program, but Republicans reject broader effort by Democrats for Pres Bush to turn over detailed White House records on oper…

Renaud Wiser Dance Company ‘One’

The work takes its inspiration from the exploits of Edward Snowden the former United States National Security Agency specialist that blew the whistle on illegal, pervasive monitoring as well as currently finds himself ousted in Russia for his efforts. For this collaborative work in between dancing, songs, theater and stage layout, choreographer Renaud Wiser brings together an amazing team of musicians consisting of theater supervisor and also Royal Court Theatre worldwide partner Richard Twyman as well as resident artist at the Southbank Centre as well as composer Oliver Coates. The job will be on excursion throughout the year with new days being included as they happen, examine the firm site for information.


He’s taken a trip to war ravaged countries, photographing whatever from portraits of youngsters to pictures of abandoned bullet ridden automobiles. His Infra series– which used a terminated type of security film supply– is mesmerisingly beautiful and also painful. Just recently, he’s brought the exact same image capturing methods to film with the visually stunning Enclave.

Echoes of Kavanaugh Fight as Bolton Complicates Impeachment Trial Plans

Echoes of Kavanaugh Fight as Bolton Complicates Impeachment Trial Plans

The former national security adviser’s surprise declaration that he is willing to testify may test Republican unity during the Senate impeachment trial, even if it doesn’t affect the outcome.

2019 was a hot mess for cybersecurity, but 2020 shows promise

It’s no secret that I hate predictions — not least because the security field changes rapidly, making it difficult to know what’s next. But given what we know about the past year, we can make some best-guesses at what’s to come. Ransomware will get worse, and…

Ring revamps lighting lineup with solar panels and indoor lightbulb

Ring is slowly expanding to Philips Hue’s territory by releasing its first traditional connected lightbulb that works both indoor and outdoor. The Amazon-owned company is also revamping outdoor lights with new models that have a solar panel so that you don’t …

Pentagon tells military personnel to avoid commercial DNA tests

The Pentagon has recently circulated a memo advising military personnel not to do at-home DNA tests, according to Yahoo News. It reportedly warned military members that mail-in commercial DNA tests are “largely unregulated and could expose personal and geneti…

How a Poisoning in Bulgaria Exposed Russian Assassins in Europe

For years, members of a secret team, Unit 29155, operated without Western security officials having any idea about their activities. But an attack on an arms dealer in Sofia helped blow their cover.

Burnett: Trump didn’t want anyone to see these emails

CNN’s Erin Burnett reacts to unredacted documents reviewed by Just Security which purport to show that the order to freeze military aid to Ukraine came directly from President Trump.

Colbert throws shade on Bolton’s possible testimony

Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah weigh in on former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton saying he was prepared to testify if the Senate issued a subpoena for his testimony in the President’s impeachment trial.

Bolton testimony announcement sent White House scrambling, sources say

Ex-national security adviser John Bolton’s announcement Monday that he would be willing to testify if the Senate subpoenaed him as part of its impeachment trial sent top White House aides scrambling, multiple people familiar with the reaction told CNN.

Voir La Femme!.?.!Voir La Femme is a dynamic fashion movie that adheres to a beautiful female in a very exclusive atmosphere. Voir La Femme was created by 3rd year Fashion trainee Michaela Tegg, who has actually been examining the idea of surveillance and voyeurism within style for her Final Major Project.

Multiple Amazon employees have been fired for spying on Ring owners' cameras

Multiple Amazon employees have been fired for spying on Ring owners’ cameras

Ring’s response to a group of US senators who questioned the company about its privacy practices reveals that the Amazon subsidiary has had to fire multiple employees who were caught spying on customers’ surveillance doorbell cameras and other Ring surveillan…

Google Reinstates Reported UAE Surveillance App ToTok

The messaging app, which the New York Times reported is secretly a surveillance tool, is suddenly back online.

After random surveillance images started to show up on users’ devices, Google blocked Xiaomi from running Assistant or Google Home

Last week, a redditor posted that “When I load the Xiaomi camera in my Google home hub I get stills from other people’s homes!!” The post included video of the user’s tablet showing stills of strangers in their homes, including some of strangers asleep in the…

Will online privacy make a comeback in 2020?

Last year was a landmark for online privacy in many ways, with something of a consensus emerging that consumers deserve protection from the companies that sell their attention and behavior for profit. The debate now is largely around how to regulate platforms…

Security firm ended Ghosn’s surveillance: sources

Reuters has learned that Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s former boss and now international fugitive, may have escaped house arrest after his lawyers warned a private security company to stop its surveillance of his home. That’s according to three Reuters sources. Niss…

White House Favors a Light Touch in Regulating AI

US chief technology officer Michael Kratsios lists “principles” for government oversight, but analysts question whether they are too vague to do any good.

AI Now 2019 report slams government use of facial recognition, biased AI

“Community groups, workers, journalists, and researchers—not corporate AI ethics statements and policies—have been primarily responsible for pressuring tech companies and governments to set guardrails on the use of AI.” AI Now 2019 report AI Now’s 2019 report…

Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt video accidentally deleted, prosecutors say

Surveillance footage taken outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell on the day of his first apparent suicide attempt has been permanently deleted, federal prosecutors say.The sex offender was found semiconscious in his cell inside the Metropolitan Correctional Cen…