Domestic Surveillance Has a Fan

Domestic Surveillance Has a Fan

Judge John D. Bates has sent a third letter to Congress denouncing its attempts to reform the domestic surveillance law.

Surveillance Video of Suspects in Attack

The New York Police Department released a surveillance video of 12 to 15 suspects on bicycles in connection to a bias attack investigation.

ACCESS!.?.!Music video centered around style of monitoring as well as hacking. 02/2016


” Society as we assumed we understood it is in damages, its bones out
in the open for all to see, buzzed by helicopters and surveillance security. Survivors wait in the debris for something to transform- exhausted, confused, tired … “.

It was established with modern professional dancers so as to concentrate on body movement as well as physicality instead than dialogue and also exposition. It was initially screened as a solitary 95 min film but has been reduced up right into five episodes for the web. The job is intended as a speculative forerunner to a bigger task and as such feedback will certainly rate and urged! Many thanks,. Kusa.–.

Kickstart a lucrative career in cloud security by taking this online course

Kickstart a lucrative career in cloud security by taking this online course

TL;DR: Get on the path to making over $130K a year with the The Essential Cloud Security Certification Bundle for just $49, a 97% savings. Almost every organization is making its way to the cloud and it’s easy to see why. It provides more space, scalability, …

TSA’s naughty list: What you shouldn’t take on a plane

The Transportation Security Administration is on the watch for prohibited items that you can’t bring through security for your flight. Find out what’s a no-go this holiday season.

Amazon’s Ring has been blaming reused passwords, but now thousands of logins have leaked

Buzzfeed News reports that the login credentials for 3,672 Ring camera owners were compromised this week, and TechCrunch found over 1,500 more. It’s yet another recent security issue for the Amazon-owned company.

Ring and Amazon Sued for Security Camera Hacks They Blamed on Customers

Ring and its parent company, Amazon, are facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations of negligence, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment for the allegedly lax security standards that have left thousands of cameras vulnerable to ha…

Hackers Vandalize U.S. Government Website With Pro-Iran Message and Illustration of Bloody Trump

Hackers vandalized a relatively small U.S. government website on Sunday, leaving behind a message for President Donald Trump and implying that the government of Iran was behind the hack. But there’s no evidence yet that Iran was actually behind the intrusion,…

How to Find and Use Facebook’s Revamped Privacy Checkup Tool

Facebook is starting out 2020 by updating the Privacy Checkup tool it introduced back in 2014, which makes it easier for users to find and change several important account settings. To be honest, outside of some visual flair and updated explanations for each …

Update Your Ruckus Router’s Firmware to Fix Big Vulnerabilities

Security researchers have identified a number of vulnerabilities in Ruckus-branded access points and routers. As tends to be the case, they all affect the router’s UI—allowing an attacker to log in as an administrator regardless of your password and, in doing…

How to Restore Google Pixel’s Disappearing App Icons

A weird issue has been plaguing some Pixel owners, and Google has yet to drop a fix for the peculiar problem. Apparently, some people running the December 2019 security update—if you even have the ability to download it, which you might not—are noticing that …

Excerpt: Francis Alÿs, The Nightwatch (2005)

Over a span of numerous years, Francis Alÿs spent extensive periods of time in London, browsing for a way of reacting to the metropolis. In his project Seven Walks, Francis Alÿs supplies a poetic intervention into the everyday life of London. Over five years, he strolled the city’s roads, mapping its habits and also routines in a variety of various media– the taking place films, illustrations, videos and paints were presented at 21 Portman Square in 2005 for the musician’s first significant solo exhibit in the UK.