Attorney General Loretta Lynch Vows to Stand With American Muslims Against Islamophobia!.?.!Attorney General Loretta Lynch talks out versus anti-Islamic unsupported claims at the Muslim Advocates Annual Dinner. She pledges her support for upholding justice for American Muslims in the wake of Islamophobia. The issue of dangers versus Islamberg by Robbert Doggart and others are highlighted. Farhana Khera of Muslim Advocates announces the successes attained by the team in fighting against the NYPD monitoring of Muslim communities simply based upon their faith. The Muslims of America were likewise targets of the NYPD’s program of framing and also snooping. Mention is likewise made from the Glendon S. Crawford instance in which 2 men were founded guilty of producing a WMD tool to be used against Muslim neighborhoods in New York. TMOA was one of the targeted areas, though traditional media declined to recognize this reality.

Vikram Gandhi, VICE on HBO (Producer/Correspondent)!.?.!Here is reel my job as Producer and also Correspondent on VICE on HBO from Season 2 to Season 5. Scenes from: Surveillance City(Camden, NJ), The Resource Curse( Papau New Guinea), Playing with Nuclear Fire (Fukushima, Japan), Special Report: Rising Oceans(Antarctica ), Kidneyville(Bangladesh), Crackdown in Honduras (Honduras)Right to Die (Oregon and also Holland).

There’s A Lot Of ‘Em About!.?.!Dave thinks the park he’s simply located is relaxed and also calm, the perfect location to loosen up. Problem is, so does the neighborhood warden, who doesn’t such as weirdoes, and also there’s a great deal of ’em concerning … My very first composing credit score was once again massively aided by the people at OTTfilms, with Leilani Holmes adding the ending. Many thanks, Lani!