Attack & Swap

” Attack and Swap “acknowledges the type criteria of an individual’s face, as well as reacts to them. As soon os the viewer comes within variety, the camera zooms in on the face to make a massive photo. If a second individual comes within range of the cam, the sight is reopened and the heads of the two observers are exchanged in the photo.

Time Lapse Construction Camera – Commercial3

The video clip was created making use of a specialized high resolution cam, set to tape-record a picture once per hr during construction job hours. The entire video clip capture process was made it possible for making use of EyeSite Surveillance’s exclusive solar powered Mobile Surveillance Unit. EyeSite Surveillance is the leader in construction website burglary as well as vandalism avoidance systems.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian near Gaza security fence: Palestinians

Israeli troops kill Palestinian near Gaza security fence: Palestinians

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian teenager near the border fence with the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian officials said.

Trump’s interim homeland security pick clears Senate hurdle

The Trump administration’s choice to run the Department of Homeland Security on an interim basis passed a hurdle in the Senate on Wednesday.

Website Calls for Investigation of Ring, Gets Blocked by Facebook

A leading digital rights organization reported on Tuesday that Facebook was actively blocking users from sharing a link to a web page critical of Amazon, describing its surveillance products, such as Ring doorbell cameras, as a threat to “privacy, civil liber…

Terrifying Camera App Flaw Left Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Spying

Even if you’re diligent about app permissions, sometimes you just can’t predict how or when a bad actor will abuse them. This time around, a team of security researchers found a terrifying flaw with the Android camera apps that could let malicious apps comple…

Amazon and Google Gadgets Top Mozilla’s 2019 Privacy Shit List

Mozilla’s privacy report on gadgets has returned just ahead of the holidays to remind us that many high-demand devices and smart-tech gizmos are far, far creepier than they let on. And wouldn’t you know it, many of Amazon’s products failed basic privacy and s…

Indian Government Asserts Widespread Digital Surveillance Powers After WhatsApp Hack

The Indian government has asserted sweeping powers to “intercept, monitor, or decrypt” any information that is “generated, transmitted, received, or stored” on any computer network in the country, per TechCrunch, and for purposes as vague as national security…

The System Domains Is an Open Target for Fraudsters

You’d think it would be hard to talk the federal government into giving you some random town’ email address. You’d hope the process would be rigorous. But as one hacker explained to security researcher Brian Krebs, securing a government-endorsed top-leve…

The FCC votes to block Huawei from billions in federal aid

The Federal Communications Commission will block carriers from using Universal Service Fund dollars for Huawei equipment.

World Bank Scales Back Project in China’s Xinjiang Region

World Bank Scales Back Project in China’s Xinjiang Region

The decision came after allegations, which the bank could not substantiate, that its money was being used to fund Muslim internment camps.

Here’s a Way Forward on Facial Recognition

The police should be able to use it, but in a very limited way.