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Democrats Press for Major Election Security Boost as Budget Battle Wages On

Democrats Press for Major Election Security Boost as Budget Battle Wages On

Dozens of Senate Democrats on Monday signed a letter urging a significant increase in election security funding that’s necessary, they say, for election officials to combat potential meddling in the 2020 presidential election, among other security concerns. R…

Amazon Faces Heat From Senators Over Ring Doorbell Security Practices

Citing the potential for sensitive footage “detailing the lives of millions of Americans” to fall into the hands of hackers and foreign spies, a group of a U.S. lawmakers are demanding to know more about how Ring, Amazon’s home security company, is protecting…

Wyze’s AI-powered person detection feature will ‘temporarily’ disappear next year

Wyze’s security cameras will temporarily lose their person detection feature in January 2020 after its AI partner canceled its agreement. The feature will disappear until Wyze can develop its own in-house replacement.

Twitter now lets you enable 2FA without asking for your phone number

Twitter has changed its security settings to let you use two-factor authentication (2FA) without having to give the service your phone number. Instead, you should probable use an authentication app, since they’re more secure.

Burnett calls out John Bolton for hiding behind twitter

CNN’s Erin Burnett challenges President Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton to testify before congress about the Ukraine scandal after he tweeted that ‘our country’s commitment to national security priorities is under attack from within.’

Arlo Pro home security camera systems are half off for Black Friday

TL;DR: Feel worry-free with the Arlo Pro 2 security camera system for $299.99, a ridiculously good deal that’s more than half off. Keeping your home safe is worth any price. But it is nice if that price is much cheaper than what you would originally pay for a…

FCC bans spending on Huawei, ZTE and other ‘national security threats’

The FCC has finally put the seal of approval on its plan to cut funding to hardware from companies it deems a “national security threat,” currently an exclusive club of two: Huawei and ZTE.

Google Escalates Internal Crackdown, Firing Four Employees

An internal memo sent this afternoon states that four Google staffers have been fired for “clear and repeated violations of our data security policies.” Read more…

Bloomberg’s Bogus, Belated Mea Culpa

Bloomberg’s Bogus, Belated Mea Culpa

His apology for the stop-and-frisk policy is politically convenient.

Zhu Hailun: The man who was key in China’s detention of 1 million Uighur Muslims – Global News

Zhu Hailun: The man who was key in China’s detention of 1 million Uighur Muslims Global News Secret documents reveal systematic plan to detain and indoctrinate Muslim minority in western China Data leak reveals how China ‘brainwashes’ Uighurs in prison…

India Is Using a 134-Year-Old Law Designed for Telegraphs to Monitor People’s Encrypted Texts

Critics say that the government’s desire to monitor and control all online activity is moving India toward a complete surveillance state.

Activists in Jumpsuits Are Scanning the Faces of DC Residents With Amazon Tech

“The action will show that facial recognition surveillance is dangerous both when algorithms work and when they don’t.”

Australian politicians banned from China ‘will not repent’ for criticism – BBC News

Australian politicians banned from China ‘will not repent’ for criticism BBC News Leaked papers show details of surveillance of Uighurs in China Al Jazeera English ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims Inter…

Chinese state media deny torture of ex-UK consulate staff

China’s ruling Communist Party’s newspaper published surveillance videos Thursday which it said prove the guilt and voluntary confession of a former British Consulate employee in Hong Kong who was detained for 15 days on a charge of soliciting prostitution. T…

An indictment against 2 officers guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night of his suicide says they shopped online, read sports news, and napped instead of checking on him

Two prison guards responsible for checking up on Jeffrey Epstein on the night of his suicide were accused of “browsing the internet” for “furniture sales,” and checking sports news to the detriment of carrying out their duties, a grand jury indictment reveals…

Facial recognition surveillance would require warrant under bipartisan bill – CNET

Currently, there are no limits on how federal law enforcement agencies can use facial recognition.

Surveillance Video of the Suspect

Surveillance Video of the Suspect

A video of the suspect and the person of interest engaging in conversation was obtained from a commercial location next to the B12 bus stop at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Rutland Road.

Surveillance Video of Robbery

The police are looking for three men who removed a cash register from behind the bar of Crema, a Mexican restaurant, on Friday.