Diplomats Pushed Ukraine to Investigate, Dangled Trump Visit

Diplomats Pushed Ukraine to Investigate, Dangled Trump Visit

Top U.S. diplomats encouraged Ukraine’s newly elected president to conduct an investigation linked to Joe Biden’s family in return for a high-profile visit with President Donald Trump. It soon escalated into what one diplomat feared was a “crazy” …

Messi Wanted to Leave Barca During Tax Investigation

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has said he considered leaving the club when he was investigated for tax fraud in 2013, saying he felt “badly treated” by Spain.

2 Deaths Near Military Base Investigated as Murder-Suicide

Court records show the shooting deaths last month of a Nebraska airman and his wife are being investigated as a murder-suicide.

WMD trailer

https://vimeo.com/12590143!.?.!2002. A reduced quality MI6

desk police officer accidentally uncovers calculated flaws in the evidence being assembled to attack Iraq, as well as tries to subject the reality.

U.S. Expands Blacklist to Include China's Top AI Startups Ahead of Trade Talks

U.S. Expands Blacklist to Include China’s Top AI Startups Ahead of Trade Talks

The U.S. government widened its trade blacklist to include some of China’s top artificial intelligence startups, punishing Beijing for its treatment of Muslim minorities and ratcheting up tensions ahead of high-level trade talks in Washington this…

U.S. Puts Hikvision, Chinese Security Bureaus on Economic Blacklist

The U.S. Commerce Department on Monday placed 28 Chinese public security bureaus and companies – including video surveillance company Hikvision and seven other companies – on a U.S. trade blacklist over Beijing’s treatment of Uighur Muslims and ot…

Displacement (excerpt)

https://vimeo.com/ricardosaavedra/floodingthebigbrother!.?.!Started dealing with this piece entailing the principle of data obfuscation last week. Frequencies from the music are turned into IP addresses that I make use of to ping random servers on the web. The concept is to make use of noise’s random actions to “fool” data monitoring systems when tracking my personal data. Still job in progress, even more experiments quickly. Visuals: Processing and also Open Frameworks Noise: SuperCollider

U.S. Blacklists 28 Chinese Entities Over Abuses in Xinjiang

U.S. Blacklists 28 Chinese Entities Over Abuses in Xinjiang

The companies and security bureaus were barred from buying American products because of their roles in human rights violations against Muslim minorities, the Trump administration said.

Spying Scandal at Credit Suisse Leads to Top Executive’s Resignation

Pierre-Olivier Bouée, the bank’s chief operating officer, had hired an investigator to track the head of wealth management, who left for a rival.