Note to the Impeachment Investigators: Trump Rarely Acts Alone

Note to the Impeachment Investigators: Trump Rarely Acts Alone

Here’s who the House needs to hear from during its inquiry.

How AP Conducted Its Investigation Into Accused Priests

In assessing the status of formerly active priests and clergy members from the Roman Catholic Church, The Associated Press started with the official lists published by dioceses and religious orders naming employees who have been credibly accused o…

House Democrats Issue First Subpoena in Impeachment Inquiry

Three committee chairmen issued the first subpoena in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, seeking documents and witnesses regarding his dealings with Ukraine.


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Photographer X

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thermal paper prints direct from CCTV video feedsVideo clip

State Fair Hot Tubs Probably Spread Deadly Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak in North Carolina

State Fair Hot Tubs Probably Spread Deadly Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak in North Carolina

State fairs are a mixed bag in the best of times. But for a hundred or so people who attended the North Carolina Mountain State Fair this past September, it was a nightmare. State health officials have traced an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease to the fair, …

VIDEO: 5-year-old Illinois girl escapes charging coyote in front yard – WPVI-TV

VIDEO: 5-year-old Illinois girl escapes charging coyote in front yard WPVI-TV Video shows coyote chasing little girl in her Illinois front yard NBC News Video shows terrifying moment coyote charged young girl in her front yard WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland Coyote …

Philippines Situation Report 8 – Dengue Outbreak (4 October 2019) – Philippines – ReliefWeb

English Situation Report on Philippines about Coordination, Health, Children and Epidemic; published on 04 Oct 2019 by WHO

UPS lands broad FAA approval for drone deliveries – CNET

The race is on for Amazon, Uber and Google drones.

Ring rolls out new hardware for more security inside and out – CNET

An alarm system retrofit kit, stick-up cam and a $60 indoor cam are on the way.

White House restricted Trump call transcripts – US media

Officials limited access to notes on the president’s calls to some foreign leaders, US media report.

Amazon bolsters Alexa privacy after user trust takes a hit – CNET

The company tries to temper customer concerns by unveiling privacy controls like auto-deleting recordings and “Home Mode” for Ring cameras.

Hasan Minhaj roasts Justin Trudeau on climate hypocrisy

If Vladimir Putin didn’t convince you that good pecs and hair do not qualify you to govern, I give you Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime ministerial princeling whose years in office have proven that there is no policy so progressive that he will not back it — p…