Baadercorp Short film!.?.!This is a brief movie I made promote my

good friend Patrik Rzepski’s menswear line. Its everything about security footage and lifts. Every flooring has a different clothing. It was influenced by George Lucas ‘Student movie at USC THX 1000 4EB. Strange yet enjoyable! It stars Reid, Sara Ziff as well as Caitriona Balfe.

Surfshark VPN on sale for just £1.59 a month with this code

Surfshark VPN on sale for just £1.59 a month with this code

TL;DR: The sleek Surfshark VPN is on sale for £1.59 a month, saving you 83% on list price. It’s high time you started taking your online security seriously. Nasty online threats are growing in number every day, and you need to watch your own back. There are m…

Keeping privacy and security simple, for you

Our goal has always been to create products that are simple, helpful, and intuitive. It’s no different with privacy and security: managing your data should be just as easy as making a restaurant reservation, or using Maps to find the fastest way back home. Ea…

Build security into your next website

If you wanted to send a secret message by mail, would you rather send it in an envelope, or on a postcard? If you send it on a postcard, anyone who saw the postcard on its way to the recipient could read the message, or even make changes to what’s written. En…

FAA closes Area 51 airspace ahead of Alienstock for ‘special security reasons’

Federal agencies are prepping for the alien-themed music festival Alienstock in the Nevada desert near the U.S. Air Force Base Area 51 this weekend. The event was spawned by the viral Facebook event “Storm Area 51,” and while you can Naruto -run there, you su…

Build security into your next website

If you wanted to send a secret message by mail, would you rather send it in an envelope, or on a postcard? If you send it on a postcard, anyone who saw the postcard on its way to the recipient could read the message, or even make changes to what’s written. En…

As ‘Moscow Mitch’ Rings in His Ears, McConnell Backs Election Security

Even if it took a taunt to do it, he approved $250 million for voting protections.

NASA’s Nuclear Idea, an Unfixable Apple Flaw, and More News

Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Cybersecurity giant Comodo can’t even keep its own website secure

Comodo, which bills itself as a “global leader in cybersecurity solutions,” said its forum was hacked. The admission came in no less than a forum post, which confirmed a hacker exploited a recently disclosed vulnerability in vBulletin, a popular forum softwar…

Turkey Vows to Keep Investigating Jamal Khashoggi's Killing

Turkey Vows to Keep Investigating Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing

Days ahead of the anniversary of the grisly slaying of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that his country will press ahead with efforts to shed light on the killing.

Investigator Says Cop Didn’t Commit Crime; Jury Not Present

The judge in the murder trial of a white Dallas police officer who fatally shot her black neighbor in his apartment blocked the lead investigator from telling jurors Wednesday that he didn’t think the shooting was a crime.

Mar-a-Lago Army Officer Lied During Child Porn Investigation

A military officer who had been in charge of the U.S. Army’s White House communications at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club received probation Friday for lying to federal agents during a child pornography investigation.

The Future of Art According to Trevor Paglen

” Art can ask us to examine our own common sense, and also in doing so allow us to picture what various worlds may be like,” says artist and also MacArthur Genius Trevor Paglen Obscuring the limits in between art, journalism, and also science, Paglen’s work subjects commonly distressing truths of our globe today, particularly in regard to the monitoring state as well as the usage of data.

In 2018, he’ll bring his practice right into room, introducing the initial satellite to function totally as an art things. For as much as Paglen concentrates on sophisticated tech and also the spreading of aesthetic society, the future of art he envisions remains securely rooted in art types of the past.

Including Trevor Paglen.

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Officer Who Guarded El Chapo’s Wife Is Accused of Dealing Drugs

Officer Who Guarded El Chapo’s Wife Is Accused of Dealing Drugs

The 12-year police veteran worked off-duty providing security to the Mexican drug lord’s wife during his trial.

Prevent SIM-Swapping Hackers From Stealing Your Phone Number—and the Rest of Your Identity

You know what’s worse than having your password stolen? Having your phone number stolen. SIM-swapping, a type of identity theft, is a means for scammers to get access to your phone number and all of the personal accounts secured through it. Read more…

Arlo’s new Pro 3 security camera shoots in 2K HDR and can see color in the dark

Arlo’s latest Pro 3 security camera can shoot in 2K HDR, has a wider field of view than its predecessor, and can tilt, pan, and zoom in on moving subjects. Each camera costs $199.99, and it will be available this week at Best Buy.

You Should Wait to Upgrade to iOS 13

We normally say it’s probably a good idea to update to the latest version of iOS whenever possible—for the extra features you get to play with, the potentially improved performance, and any bug patches or security fixes you might get. Though iOS 13 just launc…

We All Could Pay a Price for the Latest Slap at Huawei

An international cybersecurity group has evicted the Chinese telecom company to comply with US sanctions. That could allow malware to spread more easily.

Former Trump Security Adviser Says He’s ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by Ukraine Call

Thomas P. Bossert, the president’s first homeland security adviser, also said part of the president’s request to Ukraine was based on a “completely debunked” conspiracy theory.

Smart Lights Enhance Home Security and Shine a Light on Crime

Smart lighting brightens up your home and makes life more convenient. But it’s also an easy and effective way to enhance home security.

She Disappeared From a Playground. Fears of Kidnapping and ICE Followed.

The disappearance of Dulce Maria Alavez, 5, has shattered the sense of security in a rural, mostly Latino town in southern New Jersey.

Borges and I – 2 min trailer!.?.!Shot completely with a concealed video camera

, Borges as well as i is a sarcastic tale concerning the ruthless recording and also sharing of our lives in the wake of the user-generated-content generation.

1984 vs 1984: A Neon Dystopia!.?.!Malice Arts offers the 5th installment of their immersive collection. Suppose Orwell’s dark 1984 collided with our own extremely real 1984? 500 brave time vacationers learnt. Prediction vs reality. Darkness vs weirdness. We called it a Neon Dystopia. A truly strange night developing a completely alternative globe with cctv, surveillance, Rubick’s cube & 80s gamified areas, an unique 80s Orwellian video game show, governmental publicity movie, judgment by Big Brother, 80s influenced techno & obviously a Room 101.

Memo: Trump Prodded Ukraine Leader to Investigate Bidens

Memo: Trump Prodded Ukraine Leader to Investigate Bidens

More than once, President Donald Trump brought up how much the U.S. has done for Ukraine.

District to Investigate Homework About Kids Running From Cop

Pittsburgh school officials are investigating “inappropriate” homework assigned to first graders about children running from a police officer.

Village School Investigates Racist Notes Sent to Student

School officials in an Alaska Native village said Tuesday they are investigating three racist, hate-filled notes left in the locker of a mixed-race student that urged the girl to kill herself, one day after another student in the Bering Sea commun…

A surveillance scandal rocks Credit Suisse

A surveillance scandal rocks Credit Suisse

But a speedy inquiry exonerates the chief executive

How the U.S. Lost the War Against West Nile

For a brief time at the turn of the millennium, few things might have scared the average New Yorker more than the words “West Nile,” the name given to the mosquito-borne virus that, in 1999, began killing birds and eventually people for the very first time in…

Facial Recognition Meets the Fourth Amendment Test

There may be no way to address the overarching fears all new surveillance technologies raise; however, major concerns can be addressed without slowing the use of facial recognition.

Surveillance camera hallucinates face in the snow, won’t shut up about it

A beauty from last February: Kyle McDonald tweeted redacted social media screenshots from a surveillance camera owner that emitted a steady stream of alerts because it saw a face in the garden — a face that was just a random assortment of grime and snow that…

Jeff Bezos: How About Just Letting Amazon Draft Any Possible Facial Recognition Laws?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is hoping that Congress will take him up on the offer to just let him write any potential facial recognition laws that could interfere with the rollout of Amazon’s Rekognition tech, Recode reported on W…

Private Internet Access VPN on sale for £2.66 a month

TL;DR: The encrypted Private Internet Access VPN is on sale for £2.68 a month, saving you 67% on list price. “Big Brother is watching you” used to be sort of a lighthearted joke, and the kind of thing you’d say in response to seeing a targeted ad for the firs…

One Homeless Man Tried to Set Another on Fire Near Los Angeles, Police Say

The episode was the latest in a series of attacks against homeless people in and around Los Angeles, and came amid heated debate about the homelessness crisis in California.

School forced a coatless boy out into the cold and lied about it, lawsuit says

Staff at a Chicago elementary school made a boy leave the building on a cold March day, coatless and in short sleeves, then lied about what happened, according to a lawsuit that alleges a pattern of abuse and harassment by the staff and the boy’s classmates.