Making-Of l Les revenants

6 mois ont

passé depuis que les revenants se sont rassemblés, une nuit, avant de disparaître dans la montagne, emmenant avec eux Simon, Camille et sa mère, Julie et le mystérieux petit Victor. Le battery a été mis sous surveillance, et l’armée guarantee un soutien logistique aux habitants qui ont fait le choix de rester. Parmi eux Léna et son père Jérôme qui n’ont pas renoncé à retrouver Camille et Claire.
Ecrite the same level Fabrice Gobert et Audrey Fouché avec Coline Abert et Fabien Adda.
Réalisée the same level Fabrice Gobert et Frédéric Goupil. Produite the same level Caroline Benjo, Jimmy
Desmarais et Barbara Letellier put Haut et Court TELEVISION.
Producteurs associés: Carole Scotta et Simon Arnal. Musique créée the same level Mogwai.
–. Post-production Mikros picture. Directrice d’affaires: Marie-Ange Rousseau.
Responsable du workshop VFX: Benoît Holl. Producteur VFX: Pascal Giroux.
Superviseur des effets spéciaux: Sébastien Rame. Coordinatrice VFX: Manon Le Bas. Coordinatrice DI: Anaïs Meuzeret.
Superviseur 3D: Manuel Souillac. Art-Design: Frédéric Perrin
. Matte Painting: Christophe Courgeau, Arthur Bayard, Tom Hung Yai Yi, Mehdi Daghfous. Modeling Texture: Stéphanie Aubriot, Romain Bavent. FX Barrage et eau: Benjamin Lenfant, Malik Nahassia, Kevin Simorre, Benoit Holl. Monitoring: Stéphane Richez, Yvan Galtié. Compositing: Lucie Bories, Cyrille
Sicard, Gaelle Bossis, Yohann Hays, Barthély Beaux, Damien Hurgon, Yann Nicolas, Laurent Tosolini, Christophe Andrei. Rotoscopie: Florian Sanchez, Julien Jengten, Téo
saintier. Ranch: Benoît Gille. Supervision DI: Florian du Pasquier,
Jean-Baptiste Le Guen
. R & D: Elsa Prana, Fabien Castan, Lauren Agopian. Laboratoire numérique: Nicolas Daniel, Jonathan Brabant, Grégory Patris, Elodie Doudoux, Bernard Jallet, Fabien Berraudo, Eloïse Guignon, Amélie-Anne Chuche, Sophie Lagoutte, Naïma Taiebi. Guidance Making-of: Sébastien Rame, Manu Souillac. Montage Making-of: Léa Latassa.

A GSM Landscape v.0.1.5

This one is scanning the frequency bands assigned to GSM and also looking for cell towers and interactions from users. The visualisation and also sonification of this data expose the spooky space created by the network activity, usually imperceptible and also laid over to our public and also exclusive areas. A GSM Landscape v. 0.1.5 is the initial element in a series of installations
and as well as dealing with cellular telecommunications telecoms as well asSecurity

La Cour – Obfuscated_FB_Non-human

The modern-day human ends up being the User, an individual

that uses softwareUtilizes software application, and computers. The User frequently has a customer account and also is able to connect with the system by means of a username. We have with all of this datamining developed a mirrored society on the internet, in which we upload our subject individualism, hence the personification of the non-human lifeform inside the binary wild of the internet, materializing itself with our use of solutions on the internet, it slowly appears with the information we frequently feed it.

Investigator: Archdiocese Meeting Obligation in Abuse Crisis

Investigator: Archdiocese Meeting Obligation in Abuse Crisis

An independent investigator praised the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York for its response to the sexual abuse crisis, saying no priest or deacon remains in ministry in the Manhattan-based archdiocese who has been credibly abused of sexual ab…

Police Investigate Deaths of Goats on Warsaw Island

Polish police were investigating Tuesday the deaths of goats that Warsaw authorities had sent to an isle on the Vistula River to trim shrubbery and help birds nest.

Ukraine’s Leader: We Can’t Be Ordered to Investigate Biden

Ukraine’s president says his country can’t be pressured into opening an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or his son.

NJ Man Charged With Terrorism Offenses Targeting Landmarks

NJ Man Charged With Terrorism Offenses Targeting Landmarks

A New Jersey man who allegedly photographed or recorded video of landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, the White House and Boston’s Fenway Park as potential terrorism targets in the early to mid-2000s has been charged with terror offenses by …

Delta Baggage Handler Accused of $250,000 Cash Theft

A Delta Airlines baggage handler has been arrested on charges of stealing over $250,000 in cash from John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to federal authorities.