Germany in Touch With Romania on Child-Abuse Investigation

Germany in Touch With Romania on Child-Abuse Investigation

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Galaxy Note 10+, Alternate Internets, and Bernie's Climate Plan: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Galaxy Note 10+, Alternate Internets, and Bernie’s Climate Plan: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

This week at Gizmodo, we took a long, hard look at what could have been with our Alternate Internet series, cataloging some of the ways the web could have been different—or still could be. While we didn’t have the time to write a sweeping, The Wheels of Time-…

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American Airlines Mechanic Charged with Sabotaging Flight

An aircraft mechanic has been charged with tampering with an American Airlines airplane before a flight of 150 passengers was scheduled to take off. Read more…

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The Comey Circus Rolls On

The true moment of reckoning is always just around the corner.

American Airlines Mechanic Charged With Sabotaging a Plane Loaded with Passengers

Surveillance video shows the man inserting a piece of foam in a compartment under the cockpit

Open Source Intel Helps Reveal US Spy Sat Capabilities

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Facebook Accused of ‘Deliberately Vague’ Announcement About Face Recognition

Facebook is “bringing” facial recognition to all users, the company announced Tuesday. But the EFF’s surveillance litigation director and a senior staff attorney warn that despite media reports, Facebook’s announcement “definitely does not say that face recog…

An Officer as well as a Spy (movie).

2019 film

An Officer and a Spy (French: J’accuse) is a 2019 French drama film directed by Roman Polanski about the Dreyfus affair, with a screenplay by Polanski and Robert Harris based on Harris’ 2013 novel of the same name. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival were it had its premiere on 30 August 2019.[1][2][3]


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  • Jean Dujardin as Georges Picquart
  • Louis Garrel as Captain Alfred Dreyfus
  • Emmanuelle Seigner as Pauline Monnier
  • Mathieu Amalric as Bertillon
  • Melvil Poupaud as Labori
  • Eric Ruf as Sandherr
  • Laurent Stocker as general de Pellieux
  • Michel Vuillermoz as du Paty de Clam
  • Denis Podalydès as Demange
  • Wladimir Yordanoff as general Mercier
  • Didier Sandre as general Boisdeffre
  • Grégory Gadebois as major Henry
  • Vincent Grass as general Billot
  • Hervé Pierre as general Gonse


The film centers on the notorious 19th century Dreyfus affair. Jean Dujardin stars as French officer Georges Picquart. After being appointed chief of the army’s intelligence section (Deuxième Bureau, service de renseignement militaire) in 1895, he discovers that doctored evidence was used to convict Alfred Dreyfus, one of the few Jewish members of the French Army’s general staff, of passing military secrets to the German Empire. Picquart risks his career and his life, struggling for a decade to expose the truth and liberate the wrongly convicted Dreyfus from the dreaded Devil’s Island prison.


Robert Harris was inspired to write the novel by his friend Polanski’s longtime interest in the Dreyfus affair.[4] Harris followed up the novel with a script of the same story, titled D, with Polanski announced as director in 2012.[5]

This film marks the third time Harris has worked with Polanski.[6] Harris previously co-wrote The Ghost Writer with Polanski, which was also an adaptation of one of Harris’s novels, The Ghost. The two first teamed in 2007 on a film adaptation of Harris’s novel Pompeii,[7] which was cancelled just before filming due to a looming actors’ strike.[8][9]

Although set in Paris, An Officer and a Spy was first scheduled to shoot in Warsaw in 2014, for economic reasons.[10] However, production was postponed after Polanski moved to Poland for filming and the U.S. Government filed extradition papers. The Polish government eventually rejected them, by which time new French film tax credits had been introduced, allowing the film to shoot on location in Paris.

The film was budgeted at €60m and was next set to start production in July 2016,[11] however its production was postponed again, while Polanski waited on the availability of a star, whose name was not announced.[12]

Filming began on 26 November 2018[13] and was completed on 28 April 2019.[14] The film was produced by Alain Goldman’s Legende Films and will be distributed by Gaumont.[15]


The film received a standing ovation during its premiere in Venice,[16][17][18] but has overall received mixed reviews from critics.[19] David Sexton from London Evening Standard gave to the film a rating of 4 on 5, declaring that: “It’s an absolute masterclass in how to make an historical film”.[20]


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