Papua New Guinea to Investigate Terms of UBS Loan

Papua New Guinea to Investigate Terms of UBS Loan

Papua New Guinea will start preliminary hearings on Sept. 19 into the terms of a A$1.2 billion ($810.5 million) loan from Swiss bank UBS used for an ill-fated government investment in the gas sector, the inquiry’s chairman said on Monday.

Utah Investigates 21 Cases of Lung Disease Linked to Vaping

Utah health officials say they are investigating 21 cases of a severe lung disease linked to vaping.

Democrats to Investigate Trump Proposal to Host G7 at Resort He Owns

U.S. House Democrats plan to investigate President Donald Trump’s proposal to host the next Group of Seven summit at a Florida golf resort he owns, saying the move would violate constitutional prohibitions against officials profiting from governme…

The Impossible Spy

The Impossible Spy is a television film based on the true story of an Israeli civilian spy, Eli Cohen, who was recruited into Israel’s secret intelligence agency (the Mossad) in the 1960s to become a spy in Damascus. Prior to his capture in 1965, Cohen was about to be appointed the third-most powerful figure in Syria—the Deputy Minister of Defense. Cohen’s memorization of Syria’s individual gun placements along the Golan Heights enabled Israel to defeat Syria in the Six-Day War in 1967.

The film’s executive producer was Harvey Chertok; it was directed by Jim Goddard and starred John Shea, Eli Wallach, and Sasson Gabai.

The Impossible Spy was released in 1987 and won an HBO CableACE Award for Best Picture.[1]


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  • Gérard Depardieu’s Rape Investigation Is Closed

    Gérard Depardieu’s Rape Investigation Is Closed

    Prosecutors cited a lack of evidence relating to an investigation that was opened last year when an actress accused Mr. Depardieu of sexual assault.

    Bad Weather Hampers Norway Helicopter Crash Investigation

    Authorities in Norway say bad weather is hampering investigators trying to determine the cause of a helicopter crash in a remote Arctic area of the country in which six people were killed.

    UK Competition Watchdog Investigating Sabre’s Takeover of Farelogix

    Britain’s competition watchdog on Monday launched an investigation into the U.S. travel technology provider Sabre Corp’s proposed $360 million acquisition of smaller rival Farelogix Inc, saying the deal could raise prices for platforms used by air…

    Cities Asked Ring to Share ‘Registry Lists’ of Customers Who Bought Surveillance Cameras

    Cities Asked Ring to Share ‘Registry Lists’ of Customers Who Bought Surveillance Cameras

    Police want the names and addresses of people who own Ring cameras so they can tap into a private surveillance network.

    ICE Just Renewed Its Contract With Palantir

    Despite organized protests around the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement just renewed its contract with Peter Thiel’s data aggregation and surveillance company.

    ICE office shootings in Texas blamed on ‘political rhetoric’

    ICE blames the shootings on “political rhetoric” about the Trump administration’s policies.

    Striking photos show how this weekend’s Hong Kong protests escalated into violence with makeshift weapons, water cannons, and tear gas

    Hong Kong protests became violent over the weekend, nearly three months after protests originally started. In a march in Kwun Tong on Saturday over surveillance concerns, Hong Kong police used tear gas, breaking a 10-day peaceful streak. On Sunday, Hong Kong …

    Video shows how close the Dayton shooter came to entering a packed bar before being killed by police

    Warning: This article contains video of a man being shot dead, which some readers may find disturbing. Police in Dayton, Ohio, shared footage of the final moments of the attacker in the mass shooting that killed nine people and injured 26 others. The video, p…

    You have the right to remain encrypted

    “You have the right to remain silent.” We’ve heard the Miranda warning countless times on TV, but what good is the right to remain silent if our own cellphones testify against us? Imagine every incriminating and embarrassing secret our devices hold in the han…

    Health Sec. Duque, let’s respect FDA’s independence – Manila Bulletin

    Health Sec. Duque, let’s respect FDA’s independence Manila Bulletin THINKING PINOY. By RJ NIETO. RJ Nieto. Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque recently announced that he’ll consult with the UP-PGH…

    Video shows Robert Kraft dancing on stage with Jamie Foxx and Jon Bon Jovi at a Hamptons bash 6 months after he was charged with solicitation

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught on camera dancing with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Jon Bon Jovi at a party in the Hamptons on Saturday. It comes nearly six months after the billionaire was caught up in the Florida prostitution scandal. Visi…

    Surveillance Siddhi (4 minutes, 59 seconds)!.?.!The issues of security, tracking and also surveillance as a result of raised and enhanced use sensing unit innovations, huge information, formulas, and also handling power has actually developed to untoward levels. New developments are occurring faster than the legislation can stay on par with them. These new devices call into concern what it indicates to be a human remaining in the 21st century in regards to personal privacy, originality, authority, as well as the State. What is breached, as well as what is inviolate? That has control as well as that blows up? Exactly how do we represent others as well as ourselves? What is the value of the single voice in analyzing these problems, or is groupspeak the only tack ahead? Making use of robotized voices, enhanced and

    boosted aesthetic handling, and unique and haunting images these problems are checked out in a dialog in between police as well as a solitary individual in a job qualified””Surveillance Siddhi. “A siddhi is a magical yogic power that can include clairaudience and clairvoyance, powers that are currently apparently allowed in the actual globe because of enhanced innovations. The video footage employs Videoscope modern technology software program developed by Quanta Research Cambridge, Inc., in partnership with MIT’s Computer Science as well as Artificial Intelligence Lab(CSAIL). This special software application magnifies via unique formulas refined adjustments in activity and color that are not discovered by the nude eye. This enables enhancement of things like pulse, blood flow, iris extension, and differentiation in activity of things. The results are both poetic and repugnant. Using as its basis real accounts of the abuse and misuse of monitoring, the tale is keyed in onto a page.

    A message to voice software application converts the info into a robotized voice with a creepy, flat affect. Mashup cinematic techniques are made use of to show the tale.” Surveillance Siddhi “aims to be a collection of tales, though it only begins with one. The video clip and narrative is an initial step in a larger, performative process. The optimal circumstance would have a number

    of dancers or performers at an on-site place such as an abandoned prison or penitentiary. A sonic landscape would certainly be included that would be released by different communications in between the professional dancers and their audience utilizing simple brain sensing units. The mind sensing units would certainly trigger noise and video according to different emotions as well as responses of the actors. The film would certainly be shown in its totality at some time, however areas of it could likewise be launched separately through various communications between the audience and the entertainers. The audience would certainly likewise be component of the situation, as they would certainly be recoded, checked, and presented throughout parts of the performance. An immersive setting would ideally prompt future dialogue as well as discussion on these critical concerns impacting each of us.

    Officer in ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Chokehold Was ‘Untruthful,’ Judge Says

    Officer in ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Chokehold Was ‘Untruthful,’ Judge Says

    The account Officer Daniel Pantaleo gave after Eric Garner died was “implausible and self-serving,” according to the opinion obtained by The New York Times.

    World Bank to Investigate if China Loan Funded Muslim Detention Camps

    Lawmakers in the United States have raised questions about whether a $50 million loan for a project in Xinjiang is being misused.

    For Jeffrey Epstein’s Accusers, Suicide Marks Another Setback

    With many questions unanswered, the women called for investigations to continue into Mr. Epstein’s associates.

    Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: Matrix Reality Robotics & Space Weapons!.?.!In this remarkable Part 2 episode Dark Journalist and Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts discover the Transhumanist schedule that concealed pressures are going after to mount a global control grid. Is the exclusive endgame a dismantling of the constitution and also a major bet complete prominence by the use of suborbital systems using invasive satellite surveillance innovation? Surprising, scary, useful and also motivating, this is the Dark Journalist episode you need to see!

    Roxbury Crossing!.?.!An extensive research on gentrification and surveillance in the college-occupied neighborhood of Mission Hill in Boston, Massachusetts, this installation was shown in the gallery exhibit Obsessed at Massachusetts College of Art & Design in the springtime of 2017. Obscuring the lines between efficiency, paperwork, surveillance as well as journalism, the lifespan of this project from ideation to production and sculptural implementation has handled intricate political analyses past its original intent.