Internet of Shrimps (Summary)

Web of Shrimps analyzes in an ironic and
playful lively method industries Sectors promises assurances an enhanced improved in a completely entirely adjoined homeHouse often frequently acclaimed well-known the next big huge technical: the Internet web ThingsPoints Motivated by the commonly weak sales disagreements, Internet of Shrimps proposes an obscurity vision of the advantages being permanently linked with whatever. Web of shrimps is set in p5.js and runs in an internet browser.

Much more infos at: Vimeo currently blocks the Download Button in the Free Version. Please call me if you require a regional variation for your computer system.

Ken May 139 – Police State Blues!.?.!Police State Blues words and music by Ken May 139 © 2011.
They can not see me, nobody sees me.

They can’t see me, no one sees me.
You can conceal your love amongst people.

Who worldwide are just shed depressing sheeple.
All alone, so alone,. All alone, so alone.
You can ride a bus or

busy train. And after that stride at dusk a beautiful byway. All alone, so alone,.

All alone, so alone.
We obtained the blues, infant,

we got the obtained, baby. We got the blues, baby,
we got the blues, baby. We got the blues, child,
we got the blues, babyInfant

All alone, so alone.
We got cries, infant,

we got cries, infant. We obtained cries, infant,
we obtained cries, baby. We got cries, child,
we got the blues, baby. We obtained cries, child,
we obtained the police state blues. Infant, infant, have you listened to

the information? There’s some people that are trying to find you. They’ve been talkin’ to all your pals
,. They’ve been doing some questionin’. Baby, infant, have you heard words
? Currently I’m not attempting to make you scared,.
There’s some individuals who are looking for you. ‘Cause they’re concerned about your perspective. They’re looking high and also they looking reduced–.
You much better locate someplace else to go.
Maybe we must hole up.
And find a place where we can not be found. We got the cops state blues, child.
We got the police state blues, child.
We obtained the cops state blues, infant.
We got the authorities state blues.
Keep an eye out, they’re gunning for you.

Look out, they’re gunning for you.
Keep an eye out, they’re gunning for you.
Watch out, they’re gunning for you.
Look out, they’re gunning for you.
Watch out, they’re gunning for you.
copyright 2011 Ken May 139

FLAHERTY NYC: BROKEN SENSES TRAILER 2017!.?.!Programmed by Ruth Somalo Trailer Directed/Edited by Patrick Offenheiser Broken Senses explores the partnerships between
the senses, expertise, the development of memory, and our experience in comprehending the world. How does one represent sense memory? Can one determine with sense memories one has never ever had via the experiences of hearing, touch, scent, preference, vision, kinesthesis, and modified states? Via personal and also historical experiences, varying from the joyous to the solemn, these embodied interventions invoke affective approaches to resolve loss of sight, sexuality, government surveillance, family, maturing procedures, fatality as well as grief, happiness, trauma, love, worry, and also spiritual awakening. Musicians include: Xander Marro, Dryden Goodwin, Roddy Bogawa, Steve Reinke, Clint Enns, Chris Marker, Ivana Larrosa, NazlıDinçel, Guido Hendrikx, Mea de Jong, Sophie Calle, Sandra Ruesga, Mareike Bernien, Kerstin Schroedinger, Soda_Jerk, Mónica Savirón, Luis Parés, Jorge Leon, Eric Stewart, Peter Tscherkassky, Ruth Patir, Jay Rosenblatt, Jonathan Schwartz, Chu-Li Shewring and Adam Gutch.

Are you watching?

It discusses the issue of privacy when it comes to technology. Neither I nor Tanya understood concerning the existance of these internet video cameras prior to this project. Fear of surveillance is not yet recognized as a fear, I predict that, with the contemporary rise in modern technology, it is going to be acknowledged really quickly.

The Axis of Texas

( 2006) Something of a travelogue, this piece was inspired by my trips as well as the concept of creating a dialogue in between 2 disparate places (Germany as well as Texas), based on a movement of audio, the electronic camera activity and also the shape of this movement through the space of the structure. In the past, whenever doing a piece using material videotaped on journeys, I would constantly make them in an improvisatory way, with very combined outcomes. This time around, I decided that the form & idea need to be established ahead of time, so that I would certainly have a good concept of what I want to collect when going out to the desert. The material i used from Germany had a big influence on what complied with.