CCTV camera

Security electronic cameras were recording me in practically all locations. Britain has the greatest number of CCTV video cameras of all nations as well as this number is proceeding to increase. Remarkably security cameras have actually even been discovered in extremely individual rooms like public commodes as well as changing rooms.

Authorities Investigate Dallas Postal Customer's Racist Rant

Authorities Investigate Dallas Postal Customer’s Racist Rant

Dallas police and U.S. Postal Service inspectors are investigating a customer’s racist rant against an employee at a post office.

Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime in LA Bar Ouster

The forceful removal of a group of transgender women and a gay man from a Los Angeles bar is being investigated as a possible hate crime, police said Monday.

Gregory Craig, Washington Lawyer on Trial, Says He Never Lied to Investigators

Mr. Craig’s unusual case centers on whether he misrepresented his contacts with journalists for work his law firm did for the Ukrainian government.

The Future of Offline Filesharing – Aram Bartholl and David Darts

Video by OddOne

A 3-Day Masterclass during Dutch Technology Week with Aram Bartholl and David Darts
June 6-8, 2012, Strijp-S, Eindhoven, NL

Aram Bartholl, Dead Drop,
In the era of growing Internet surveillance, filtering, ACTA, 3-strikes and censorship, offline data sharing is becoming more and more important for freedom of communication. Centred around the projects Dead Drops by Aram Bartholl and PirateBox by David Darts, this masterclass aims to find more and new ways to share data in an offline mode.
What is the best way to send a file to a friend? How can I store data anonymously in public space? What are the best components to build up a local offline sharing grid? Will animals play a role in the future of offline filesharing?

Participants explored these questions and learned everything they need to know from Aram and David to make their own Dead Drops and PirateBoxes. They will also create their own new ideas for offline filesharing and experiment with them around the Strijp-S terrain in Eindhoven.

ClandesTime 135 – Conspiracy Theories: Cambridge Analytica!.?.!Cambridge Analytica are a huge data advertising and marketing company who, according to numerous media analysts, were the crucial consider the election of Donald Trump. They are the topic of numerous officially-endorsed, fully-mainstreamed conspiracy concepts recommended by different sectors of the political-media range. This week we take a vital consider these concepts as well as ask whether those who believe in them are perplexing technological sophistication with real-world performance. We likewise check out an alternative conspiracy theory about the firm as well as their organizations.

Somebody Has Got To Oppose Them!.?.!Ghost Security Group is a counterterrorism organization that deals with extremism on the electronic cutting edge of today using the web as a weapon. Our cyber operations contain accumulating workable threat information, advanced analytics, offending approaches, surveillance as well as supplying situational recognition through relentless cyber surface caution.

State Zero – Before And After Sound Design by Red Pipe!.?.!In this video we demonstrate how the raw material Red Pipe obtained seemed, and also how the final film seemed after Red Pipe did appear style and mix. Concerning State Zero: In the close to future
, the funding of Sweden has transformed right into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. We join 4 soldiers on a regular objective in ‘Zone 3’, with the job to investigate an old surveillance tower that simply went offline. That’s the setting in first-time supervisor Andrée Wallin’s short movie. With Andrées direction, renowned visual principles and designs, this short movie is something phenomenal. Produced by Claire Fleming, the film was fired in London with a global actors, while all exteriors were fired in Stockholm. With extraordinary CGI and also VFX by Bläck, this appears like a passage from a big budget plan hit. COPYRIGHT ©