INCIDENT ENERGY -Trailer!.?.!A four-channel thermal image video clip setup by Jacob Pander as well as Marne Lucas’ Incident Energy’ Jacob Pander and also Marne Lucas
B&W infrared 4-channel video, trt: 30 mins.
A multi-channel video filmed with thermal imaging( IR

) cameras exploring themes of motifs, culture and society and also, using modern making use of to professional dancers a share story that tale energyTakes a look at the universe, world, birth, death, conflict and decayAs well as Range Phenomenology innovation connected with military monitoring frames the luminescent energy of the body to disclose hidden heat signatures; compared with huge galactic images( NASA) in this dramatic black and white movie; where smart movement, human emotion and also all-natural landscapes are checked out via the surreal charm of ever-present infrared monitoring technology. Shot in 2013 in Oregon in contemporary urban setups and in nature, utilizing IR cameras to film the entire project include a real-time human birth in a medical facility, and scenes of the main personality as a single nude figure birthed out of the sea, and later on, crawling via deep snow towards his demise.

How do you build a secure startup? Find out at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

How do you build a secure startup? Find out at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Security is everything — more so than ever in startup land. But with the constant pressures to launch and scale, how do you build a secure startup from the ground up without slowing growth? Whether you’re starting out small or you’re a multinational unicorn, …

Shit Show at the Fuck Factory

Security breaches on widely used anonymous communities online threaten to out some of our most personal past-times, especially when those data leaks occur on platforms dedicated to user-created porn. Read more…

Ring Barred Cops From Using ‘Surveillance’ to Describe Its Products

Amazon’s home security company Ring quietly removed the term “surveillance” from a statement law enforcement officials provided to local news outlets, according to public records obtained by Gizmodo. Read more…

Apple Sues Corellium for Selling Access to Cloud-Based ‘Perfect Replicas’ of iOS

Apple is suing a company, Corellium LLC, that it says is illegally reselling virtual copies of its iOS operating system under the pretense of legitimate security research, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Read more…

Video shows inside a new migrant detainee facility

The Department of Homeland Security allowed CNN to restrictively film inside one of the six new facilities they built for migrants arriving to the US-Mexico border.

Slack announces new admin features for larger organizations

Slack has been working to beef up the product recently for its larger customers. A couple of weeks ago that involved more sophisticated security tools. Today, it was the admins’ turn to get a couple of new tools that help make it easier to manage Slack in lar…

Cloudflare says cutting off customers like 8chan is an IPO ‘risk factor’

Networking and web security giant Cloudflare says the recent 8chan controversy may be an ongoing “risk factor” for its business on the back of its upcoming initial public offering. The San Francisco-based company and former Battlefield finalist, which filed i…

VMware acquires Carbon Black for $2.1B and Pivotal for $2.7 billion

VMware today announced that it is acquiring Carbon Black, a publicly traded security company that focuses on securing modern cloud-native workloads. The price of the acquisition is about $2.1 billion. In addition, VMware also confirmed the acquisition of Pivo…

Promotiefilm LBB Beveiliging – gemaakt door TASK4 Studios

Promotiefilm van LBB Beveiliging gemaakt door TASK4 Studios.

Alarmopvolging Stein – Objectbewaking Stein – Hondenbewaking Limburg – Winkelsurveillance – Mobiele Surveillance Limburg – Bewaking Nederland – Beveiliging Nederland Ad-hoc – LBB Beveiliging – Alarmopvolging Limburg – Collectieve bewaking – Cipol – Businesspark Stein – TomTom work – Bedrijfsfilm – Promotiefilm

Camera/Edit : Kim Houben
2e camera : Angelo Houben

Major security flaw exposes fingerprints of more than 1 million people

Major security flaw exposes fingerprints of more than 1 million people

Exposed passwords are bad enough. But fingerprint and facial recognition data? That’s terrifying. Suprema’s Biostar 2 biometric security system came under scrutiny after vpnMentor and two researchers — Noam Rotem and Ran Locar — uncovered a major flaw that ex…

Blink XT2 home security cameras are on sale for $20 off on Amazon

TL;DR: The safeguarding Blink XT2 home security camera will give you a little more peace of mind while you try to relax at home — grab one for $20 off on Amazon, just $79.99. Weird shit happens every day. There’s nothing we can do about it. What we can do, th…

How a Totally Hypothetical Payroll Tax Cut Would Impact Your Paycheck

For a portion of this calendar week, President Donald Trump considered cutting payroll taxes. “I’ve been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time,” he told reporters on Tuesday, and then he turned around on Wednesday and told the same reporters “I’m not l…

Inside the Government, Addressing Domestic Terrorism Has Been Fraught

For very different reasons, the Homeland Security Department under both the Obama and Trump administrations has struggled to elevate concerns about white nationalism and extremism.

A researcher made a Lightning cable that can hack your computer

You probably already know that plugging unknown USB flash drives into your computer is risky. There’s a chance that a malicious program could give a hacker access to your personal data. But now, it’s not just drives to be wary of. A security researcher has sh…

Panasonic Hid a Security Camera Inside a Lamp That Will Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s certainly something to be said for cleverly hiding an object in plain sight, but Panasonic’s new incognito wireless security cameras are camouflaged inside a conspicuously tall floor lamp that doesn’t really look like a floor lamp, inevitably leading …

Security Installation Man Sentenced To Life in Prison for Secretly Recording Girls at Homes He Serviced

A 39-year-old man in Oklahoma who installed home security systems for a local company was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for hiding cameras in homes and secretly recording girls who lived there. Read more…

Buttplug Hacker Talks Security, Consent, and Why He Hacked a Buttplug

Voting machines weren’t the only thing getting penetrated at DEF CON this year. Read more…

From a Dream!.?.!This interactive sculpture surveils the space listed below it, while arbitrarily taking photos and publishing them off immediately. It is motivated by a friends dream, and take care of the interaction of conceited needs as well as sudden self recognition in relation to monitoring and the panopticon result.

Mailbox Watchdog!.?.!This Video shows the operations and also feature collection of my project named” MailboxWatchdog”, a monitoring system for mail boxes. The task is component of the program” Interactive Systems”talked by Prof. Dr.-Ing Thomas Rist in the summertime term 2017 at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg.

Arkansas Man Gets Life in Prison for Death of Estranged Wife

Arkansas Man Gets Life in Prison for Death of Estranged Wife

An Arkansas man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty Tuesday to capital murder for the stabbing death of his estranged wife.

Tennessee Man Sought in 2015 Killing Arrested in Mexico

Federal authorities say a Tennessee man wanted on a murder charge in a shooting at a market four years ago has been found in Mexico.

KBOO Art Focus Interview: Incident Energy

Occurrence Energy is a multi-channel video clip installation recorded with heat-sensitive Thermal Imaging( infrared/IR) cams, discovering themes of nature, society as well as the body. By making use of Range Phenomenology innovation usually associated with army, boundary, or airborne security, Incident Energy structures the luminescent power of the human body using a glance right into visual globes that are ever-present yet hidden from our understanding. By visualizing transforming heat-signatures radiating from the body, one senses a glimpse of the temporal coalescence of old matter and power in the type of living beings, a stunning brand-new method of perceiving the Self.

El Salvador to Launch Commission to Investigate Corruption

El Salvador to Launch Commission to Investigate Corruption

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele is planning by early September to fulfill a campaign vow to launch an independent commission to investigate corruption, similar to a U.N.-backed body in Guatemala that brought down that country’s last president.

N.B.A. Begins Investigating Whether Salary Cap Was Violated

After multiple team owners raised concerns, the league is looking into whether a frenetic free agency period included offers that are not permitted by the N.B.A. collective bargaining agreement.

Norway Police Investigate Mosque Attack as Attempted ‘Act of Terrorism’

The attack came amid a polarizing debate in Norway about immigration and Islam, and prompted the authorities to order police officers to guard mosques in Oslo.

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