More N.S.A. Call Data Problems Surface as Law’s Expiration Approaches

More N.S.A. Call Data Problems Surface as Law’s Expiration Approaches

A newly declassified report underscores the agency’s recurring difficulties with a program that uses Americans’ phone and text records.

China: Free Our Parents From Concentration Camps

A million ethnic minority Uighurs have been detained in “re-education camps.” Here, three young people recall how their parents vanished.

The Secret Lives of Systems and Services – FutureEverything Conference 2014

In the aftermath of the Snowden rumor, as we learned that solutions and also products that we use every day are facilitating unprecedented levels of security or our personal lives, it comes to be a lot more immediate to recognize what our typical tools are really doing as we use them, beyond our face worth assumption. There are various other features that are much less well understood to us, which attach our intimate individual data to politics as well as the balance of power on the global stage. Computer system protection activists, cyberpunks, technology thinkers as well as artists today are helping us to understand just how to review this landscape, and also how to operate within it.

ClandesTime 105 – The Blind Sheikh

Rahman as well as his followers took over the New York branch of the MAK, a worldwide fundraising and recruiting organisation that was central to the CIA’s Operation Cyclone. His fans carried out several significant crimes- the murders of the mosque’s original imam Mustafa Shalabi and also of Jewish Defence League founder Meir Kahane, as well at the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In this episode we take a look at the Blind Sheikh’s partnership with United States knowledge, the murders committed by his fans, and also why he managed to avert apprehension for numerous years.

Amazon Rekognition Can Now Identify the Emotion It Provokes in Rational People

Amazon Rekognition Can Now Identify the Emotion It Provokes in Rational People

Most people familiar with face-scanning software suite Amazon Rekognition, its place in the surveillance state, and its questionable efficacy are apt to fear what the consequences of such a technology might be when deployed against civilians. As the company w…

Man Accused of Hiding Spy Cam in United Airlines Bathroom

A man has been accused of installing a surveillance camera in the first-class lavatory of a recent United Airlines flight before the device was discovered by a woman who noticed an odd-looking blinking light while in the bathroom. And it may not have been the…

Kazakhstan Halts Introduction of Internet Surveillance System

Kazakhstan has halted the implementation of an internet surveillance system criticized by lawyers as illegal, with the government describing its initial rollout as a test. From a report: Mobile phone operators in the oil-rich Central Asian nation’s capital, N…

Ohio AG Yanks Access to State Facial Recognition System for Over 4,500 Officers

The attorney general of Ohio, Andrew Yost, has suspended facial recognition database access for approximately 4,500 law enforcement personnel after the release of a Washington Post report in July indicating that federal agencies, including the FBI and Immigra…

Man charged in Las Vegas over bomb-making materials

Conor Climo had been promoting white supremacist views, the US Department of Justice says.

Uganda installs Huawei’s AI-powered facial recognition surveillance system ‘nationwide’

“The cameras are already transforming modern day policing in Uganda, with facial recognition and artificial intelligence as part of policing and security.” — Ugandan Police.

US Cities Are Helping People Buy Amazon Surveillance Cameras Using Taxpayer Money

popcornfan679 writes: The Ring doorbell surveillance camera sits squarely in the center of a Tiffany-blue online flyer, which provides details about a “Security Product Subsidy Event” in Arcadia, California. “Big Sale,” the advertisement says, in citrus-color…

Trump administration reportedly wants to extend NSA phone surveillance program – CNET

Just in case.

Sheriff: Investigation Closed in Racist Videos, Threat Case

Sheriff: Investigation Closed in Racist Videos, Threat Case

A South Carolina sheriff said Monday that no one else will be charged after last month’s arrest of a Catholic high school student accused of making racist videos and charged with threatening to shoot people at his private school.

Prison Employee Smuggled Wedding Ring, Investigators Say

Authorities say a prison food employee who was smitten with an Indiana inmate smuggled a wedding ring behind bars.

Texas Lawmakers Ask State Police to Investigate GOP Scandal

A panel of Texas lawmakers on Monday asked state police to investigate allegations that Republican House Speaker Dennis Bonnen offered media credentials for the chamber to a hardline conservative activist in exchange for campaigning against a grou…

Berlin Memorial to Gay Victims of Nazis Vandalized

Berlin Memorial to Gay Victims of Nazis Vandalized

Berlin police say a central memorial to the gay victims of the Nazis has been vandalized.

The Latest: NYC Subway Scare Suspect Charged

The Latest on suspicious objects found in New York City (all times local):

Answers to Readers’ Questions on Our Coverage of the Russia Investigation

Answers to Readers’ Questions on Our Coverage of the Russia Investigation

Our deputy managing editor who oversees The Times’s investigative and enterprise journalism answers readers’ questions on our coverage of the Mueller report.

French Minister Demands Investigation Into Epstein’s Activities in France

Marlene Schiappa, France’s gender equality minister, called on Monday for an investigation into the activities in France of Jeffrey Epstein, the U.S. financier found dead in an apparent suicide while being held on sex-trafficking charges.

Chinese Police Investigate FedEx Package Containing Handgun

Police in southeast China’s Fujian province have launched an investigation after a FedEx parcel sent from the United States was found to contain a handgun, the latest Chinese-related problem to affect the U.S. package delivery firm.