Shadows Trailer

The brief sci-fi movie depicts a UK federal government utilizing all digital technology for monitoring as well as control over the general population, ending up being a totalitarian state. We join our lead characters, Lee and also Jess on the verge of a revolution. Web site:

Seed and Spark Campaign Video!.?.!Despite Philadelphia’s sanctuary status, the city’s sharing of its cops data source( PARS) with Immigration as well as Customs Enforcement (ICE) has actually left immigrant family members vulnerable to expulsion without due procedure. This is exactly how Juntos, an immigrant rights not-for-profit, dealt with Latinx immigrant community members to limit monitoring. Contribute to the Seed And Spark Campaign:

Free The Internet!

Our declaration against Internet isolation all over the world! We wish it could be made use of for spreading out the understanding, functioning worldwide, sharing thoughts and also opinions openly rather of political manipulations, spreading disgust and monitoring.

Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Epstein Investigation, Now That He’s Dead

Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Epstein Investigation, Now That He’s Dead

With Jeffrey Epstein dead, what will happen to the case against him and the women who lost the opportunity to face him in court?

U.S. Safety Agencies Investigate Plane Crash Involving Racecar Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr

Two U.S. safety agencies are investigating the crash of a small plane in Tennessee on Thursday that was carrying retired racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., his wife and daughter, officials said.

Sudan’s Ousted Bashir Told Investigators He Got Millions From Saudi Arabia: Court Witness

Sudan’s deposed leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir told investigators he had received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a detective said in court on Monday.


After an unspeciefied time structure, the functions of observer and also item that is been seen are overturned, booked as well as signed up with. Based on Paul Auster’s book.

Man Charged in Planned Parenthood Break-In, Vandalism

Man Charged in Planned Parenthood Break-In, Vandalism

A man has been charged with breaking into a Planned Parenthood office in Pennsylvania, smashing glass doors and painting graffiti on the walls.

California Woman Gets Jail for Dumping Puppies in Trash

A Southern California woman authorities caught on surveillance video in April dumping a bag of 3-day-old puppies into a trash can has received jail time after changing her plea to guilty.

polyrhythmic swim-time in a bath of unspilled feelings_excerpt_1!.?.!Part-illustrated audiovisual lecture, part-epic poetic monologue with subordinate songs, ‘polyrhythmic swim-time in a bath of unspilled sensations ‘recommends the public pool as a website of monitored, networked bodies-solids in see-thru fluid. In Phillipson’s rendition, the swimming pool performs as a style of surveillance, phenomenon, objecthood, eyeballs, sight-lines, social streaming, behavioral policy, counter-currents, blended figures, crap strategy, treated water, dealt with body-hair, restricted speech and thwarted emotions.