Trump’s Intel Vacancies Put Americans in Danger

Trump’s Intel Vacancies Put Americans in Danger

Sue Gordon’s departure is the latest sign that US national security might be stretching its leaders too thin—and risks putting the wrong people into roles that American lives depend upon.

Huge security flaw exposes biometric data of more than a million users

A huge cache of unsecured biometric credentials and personal information has been discovered by security researchers. It includes the fingerprint data of 1 million people and facial recognition information.

SimpliSafe’s home security system can be compromised by a $2 wireless emitter

The YouTube channel LockPickingLawyer has discovered a massive vulnerability in SimpliSafe’s DIY smart home system. A cheap, easy-to-acquire wireless emitter can mimic the frequency of its door and window sensors, thus avoiding an alarm during a break-in.

Earn Up to $1 Million from Apple’s Expanded Bug Bounty Program

Apple’s products have a reputation for being pretty secure, but they’re not perfect. Now, if you’re a great security researcher or white-hat hacker—and you want to go after other Apple devices and services beyond just iOS and iCloud—you can earn a lot of cash…

These Dummy iOS Lightning Cables Let Hackers Remotely Access Your Devices

Hardware hacks might not get as much attention as the latest security breaches, but they can be just as devastating. You’re probably picturing an attacker sneakily using a dummy USB key to infiltrate a computer, but as a recent report from Vice describes, eve…

Why You Should Use Windows Defender’s Ransomware Prevention

A crucial security feature in Windows Defender comes disabled by default: Ransomware Protection. That’s surprising, since ransomware is a serious threat that locks down your device and blocks you from accessing your data until you pay your attacker. It’s even…

What security pros need to know from Black Hat & Def Con 2019

Black Hat and Def Con came and went as quickly as it ever does. The week-long pair of back-to-back conferences, referred to as “hacker summer camp,” draws in the security crowd from across the world onto Las Vegas, where startups tout their technologies as ha…

SpaceX, Blue Origin, ULA and Northrop Grumman bid for U.S. national security launch contract

The U.S. Air Force is looking to lock in its launch providers for national security satellite missions to take place between 2022 and 2026, and the bids for this so-called “Phase 2” procurement contract are now in. The field of competitors looking to become o…

Chicago Police Recover 60 Guns During Raid on Home

Chicago Police Recover 60 Guns During Raid on Home

Chicago police officials say they were acting on intelligence when they seized more than 60 guns from a home on the city’s West Side.

Police: Man Said He’d Bring Gun to Walmart if Toy Was Broken

Authorities in Florida say a man threatened to return to a Walmart store with a gun if the remote control car he was buying didn’t work.

Countdown to MiFID II!.?.!MiFID II is dominating trading technologists’ideas in 2016. What has been achieved so far and what is still to be done? What aspects of the law are confirming most difficult– maybe algo classification, surveillance or testing?– and also just how are regulatory authorities responding?

ANNEXATION – Episode 2 – The Surveillance Series!.?.!A short animation meaning the development of populace surveillance issues. Surroundings as well as personalities animated via Photoshop as well as Studio Artist Software rotoscoping. Thank you for the teamwork to the lovely
group. Developed by: Dana Chis Unique thanks to: Irina Solovjova Igor Kovalenco Lavinia Botirca Tara Rutledge Antony Weir The episodes from The Surveillance Series created as well as generated by Dana Chis

comply with a number of individuals that stay in a dystopian future where they are under security whatsoever times. The first episode illustrates a girl attempting to take a relaxing walk

in the woodland, however not long right into the midsts of the greenery, she is fulfilled, yet once more, with a selection of monitoring devices. The second episode is established in the year 2047 where a woman discovers herself trapped into a dark room, surrounded by security cams. With future episodes, the target market will have the ability to recognize that this is the method the federal government is attempting to control its populace right into sending to their” cautious protective regime”. With this collection, the maker aims to awaken the rate of interest of a huge audience and also create a motion to discover where

precisely does the CCTV video go, who has access to our exclusive lives as well as how safely this information is stored. Future episodes will concentrate on comparable tales and also worlds as well as will certainly be shown with effective imagery generated through a combination
designs of video footage, computer animation, audio results and so forth.

CONTRACTIONS – teaser white!.?.!CONTRACTIONS- by Mike Bartlett When Emma begins an affair with her colleague, Darren, she assumes she’s in love. Her manager thinks she’s in breach of contract. In a collection of friendly yet increasingly stressful conferences, the 2 women try to solve this scenario. Times are hard and also great work are scarce- how much will Emma go to keep hers? Heart-wrenching and also amusing, Bartlett’s black-comedy welcomes you to a conference at the dark heart of business life. ACUD THEATER/ MITTE/ BERLIN 26 -29 September 2019 GO TO:

Study: Trump’s paid Peter Thiel’s Palantir $1.5B so far to build ICE’s mass-surveillance network

Study: Trump’s paid Peter Thiel’s Palantir $1.5B so far to build ICE’s mass-surveillance network

Perhaps no other company has profited more from the Trump administration’s treatment of undocumented immigrants — and US citizens of similar appearance — than Peter Thiel‘s Palantir. A recent investigation, conducted by Mijente, revealed the US government has…

Jeffrey Epstein’s Guards Suspected Of Falsifying Logs: Report

Surveillance video reviewed after the death showed the Metropolitan Correctional Center guards never made some of the checks noted in the log, a source s…

This City’s Surveillance System Puts Communities Of Color Under Constant Watch

The Citizen Virtual Patrol, a 24/7 public surveillance system, lets anyone watch the city’s streets from anywhere at any time, through as many as 127 cameras.

Slides, actors, and surveillance cameras: My day at the department store of the future

House of Showfields, an “experiential” store that opened in New York this summer, is like Sleep No More—but for selling you things. It begins with a black-and-white striped slide—like one you might see on a children’s playground. I have no idea where it goes.…

How to ditch Google Chrome for Firefox

It might be time to break your Google Chrome habit. Though Google’s browser is the most popular browser by an overwhelming margin, there are some good reasons to switch, especially if you care about privacy. The Washington Post recently described Chrome as “a…

Data Mining Home Water Usage; Your Water Meter Knows You a Bit Too Well

The average person has become depressingly comfortable with the surveillance dystopia we live in. For better or for worse, they’ve come to accept the fact that data about their lives is constantly being collected and analyzed. We’re at the point where a sizab…

Cisco’s failure to heed whistleblower’s warning about security defects in video surveillance software costs the company $8.6m in fines

In 2008, a security researcher named James Glenn warned Cisco that its video surveillance software had a defect that made it vulnerable to a trivial-to-exploit attack; for four years afterward, the company continued to sell this software to schools, airports,…

Tshirts trigger Automated License Plate Readers, polluting them with junk data

Clothing and tutorials for confounding and triggering computer vision-based surveillance systems with fashion and accessories.

‘Read Receipts’ On: Two Dystopian Novels Predict the Surveillance State

‘Read Receipts’ On: Two Dystopian Novels Predict the Surveillance State

Caleb Crain’s “Overthrow” and Yoko Ogawa’s “The Memory Police” tell of not-too-distant futures in which our entire lives are monitored.

Trump Administration Asks Congress to Reauthorize N.S.A.’s Deactivated Call Records Program

The White House is seeking reauthorization of a law that lets the N.S.A. gain access to logs of Americans’ phone and text records — while acknowledging that the program has been indefinitely halted.