Under an Ionized Sky with Harry Blazer & Elana Freeland

” Being active in the world is a terrific benefit as well as should be gone after with gusto!” ~ Elana Freeland

This week on The Solari Report, Harry Blazer speaks to Elana Freeland concerning her brand-new book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. Under an Ionized Sky received a Solari Gold Star and also Solari listed it in Best Books for 2018.

In Under an Ionized Sky, Freeland connects the dots between the satellite infrastructure of the national-security state, the cell towers and also networks of the telecommunications firms, HAARP, as well as the design of nanoparticles splashed in chemical cocktails above our heads. What does this concern climate as well as all-natural calamity warfare? What does this concern mind control? What does this concern the EMF radiation that is making a lot of individuals ill? The solution is a fairly lot.

Elana Freeland and Harry Blazer help you make incorporated feeling of numerous things happening because we constructed out a global satellite facilities.

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Security researcher Joseph Tartaro thought NULL would make a fun license plate. He’s never been more wrong.

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Rules of the Game

https://vimeo.com/kupermanbrothers/rotg!.?.!Trust liquifies in between four factory employees under

the constant security of the management. Official Selection, Dance on Camera 2014 @ Film Society of Lincoln Official Selection, San Francisco Dance Film Festival Authorities Selection,
San Souci Dance Film Festival Cannes Short Film Corner 2014 Directed & choreographed by Jeff & Rick Kuperman Cinematography by Josh Fraiman Done by
Zach Burke, Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman,
as well as Michel Issa Rubio Initial songs
by Arlen Hart and also Ronald Bacardi Shade by Steven San Miguel Audio mastering by
Warren Babson September 2013 www.kupermanbrothers.com

Andreas Nilsson’s Church of Pancakes

https://vimeo.com/14809167!.?.!On Thursday August 5th 2010 the inaugural Flux Artist Series at Soho House featured”The Church of Pancakes,” a night with Swedish filmmaker and also musician Andreas Nilsson provided in collaboration with Furlined. His wonderful installment occurred throughout the Soho House West Hollywood featuring website certain art, video, food as well as performance. The Flux Artist Series at Soho House are intimate salon experiences featuring the globe

‘s leading imaginative skills from movie, design, songs as well as art. This monitoring video files Nilsson’s six-foot high 2000-pancake hill that became part of the exhibit.


The used premium techniques result in a radar with an unequaled lengthy array performance of 2000 km. Within this massive array it discovers a vast spectrum of targets: air breathing targets, stealth targets and ballistic projectiles.

Security Researcher’s ‘NULL’ Vanity Plates Cause Glitch That Lands Him $12,000 in Parking Tickets

Security Researcher’s ‘NULL’ Vanity Plates Cause Glitch That Lands Him $12,000 in Parking Tickets

You can’t put a price tag on the value of sticking it to the man—specifically, trying to own an official surveillance system. Except maybe when you are owned right back. Read more…

Ozil and Kolasinac miss Arsenal’s opener because of ‘further security incidents’

Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac will not be part of Arsenal’s squad for the game at Newcastle because of “further security incidents”.

Researchers Say They Tricked Apple’s FaceID by Putting Taped Glasses on Unconscious People

Researchers presenting at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas this week demonstrated a relatively simple way to break into someone’s iPhone Face ID—so long as they’re completely conked out. Read more…

Ring Promised Swag to Users Who Narc on Their Neighbors

On top of turning their doorbell video feeds into a police surveillance network, Amazon’s home security subsidiary, Ring, also once tried to entice people with swag bags to snitch on their neighbors, Motherboard reported Friday. Read more…

See ex-Obama adviser’s blunt response when asked about Fox host

Former national security adviser Susan Rice says the mentality that white supremacy is in the US is a real and growing problem.

Apple is under formal antitrust probe in Russia

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Hundreds of exposed Amazon cloud backups found leaking sensitive data

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Democratic senate campaign group exposed 6.2 million Americans’ emails

A political campaign group working to elect Democratic senators left a spreadsheet containing the email addresses of 6.2 million Americans’ on an exposed server. Data breach researchers at security firm UpGuard found the data in late July, and traced the stor…

U.S. Government Contractors Get First Look at Huawei Ban

U.S. Government Contractors Get First Look at Huawei Ban

The U.S. agency responsible for government contracts on Wednesday released an interim rule for a ban on federal purchases of telecommunications equipment from five Chinese companies, including Huawei.

Video Catches Amazon Driver Making Delivery, Taking Bike

A Florida home’s surveillance camera caught an Amazon driver delivering a package and then taking a bicycle that belongs to the homeowner’s daughter.

Somebody Is Watching You – INO

https://vimeo.com/171208183!.?.!Visual musician INO was appointed to repaint on the building of a recognized security firm in Greece. INO created a big scale mural with a human wearing a suit as well as having a CCTV electronic camera instead of head. The man is all at once viewing with a google. Using an unique extravaganza of analog as well as digital, the artwork is criticizing the current increase of surveillance that is violating our individual information for law as well as public safety. Mural Artist/ INO- www.ino.net Electronic camera & Editing/ INO Soundtrack/ John 00

Fleming vs E-Clip – Symbolism