Five in Ten 9/24/18: Accusers 2, Evidence 0!.?.!5) Update on opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh; 4 )Terror attack in Iran kills 29; 3) Russia criticizes Israel for loss of monitoring airplane; 2) PayPal cuts off Alex Jones; 1) Program spends a million dollars to train educators in “social justice math. “

THE CONVERSATION (1974) Banned from YouTube Movie Clip!.?.!’The Conversation’is an under appreciated very early job of Francis Ford Coppola and also the Zoetrope Studios whose relevance has only expanded in the years because its Watergate era release. Gene Hackman personifies the angst of contemporary life as a security and also wiretapping specialist. Personally, I speculate on the stockroom workplace of Mr. Hackman in fact being the audio studio for San Francisco based Zoetrope. Zoetrope also generated George Lucas’s very first movie, THX 1138 which was the ideas for the motion picture audio criterion still in use today. The motion picture likewise has a little bit part for Harrison Ford.

Officer Charged With Pushing Handcuffed Inmate Into Wall

Officer Charged With Pushing Handcuffed Inmate Into Wall

Authorities say a Florida police officer pushed a handcuffed inmate into a wall, causing the man’s face to bleed.

Accused Neo-Nazi Charged in Las Vegas With Possessing Bomb-Making Material

An accused neo-Nazi sympathizer employed as a Las Vegas security guard was charged on Friday with possession of unregistered bomb-making materials that he clandestinely discussed using to attack a synagogue, federal prosecutors said.

‘Codename/Codename’!.?.!Our last film to end 2 years

at NKF technical college. A slightly bizzare spy comedy/satire collection in France in the 50 ‘. It is filmed on location in Oslo, Norway.

BORN IN FLAMES (New Restoration)

When Adelaide Norris, the black radical owner of the Woman’s Army, is mysteriously eliminated, a varied union of women– across all lines of race, class, and also sexual preference– arises to blow the System apart. Recently restored in high definition on its 35th wedding anniversary,” Born in Flames” is also more appropriate in today’s political environment. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with repair funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as well as The Film Foundation.