Resist : Escape & Evasion

“The most vibrant program in North Carolina” (TKM) is currently using it’s most dynamic weekend break course, “Escape and Evasion”. In 3 days, we’ll educate you exactly how to beat manacles, flexicuffs, rope, air duct tape, door locks, armed enemies, security groups, and lots of other abduction hazards. We’ll additionally be covering improvisated medication, caching, Kravcour (a “weaponized” variation of Parkour). It’s an uncommon opportunity to find out and train intense survival abilities with the very best individuals you’ll ever before discover in the Triangle location.

You are being tracked…!.?.!Project motivated by the images of person-tracking modern technology made use of by CCTV systems. People, captured by an electronic camera, are instantly detected and’caught’in computer-generated bounding boxes. The superimposed, electronically generated forms make the CCTV-preview screen look like a very early video game. The job discovers parallels between significant security-dictated surveillance systems and informal video games. The final item includes a movie constructed of the CCTV video footage from 7 various electronic cameras within a little location.

Morehouse College Investigates Sexual Misconduct After Students’ Videos

Morehouse College Investigates Sexual Misconduct After Students’ Videos

In widely shared videos, two students accused a staff member at the all-male, historically black school of sexual harassment. The college has expanded its investigation to other employees.

Sheriff to Investigate Jeffrey Epstein ‘Work Release’ After Allegation of Nude Meeting

Mr. Epstein was allowed to leave jail to work. A lawyer recently said that he used that privilege for “improper sexual contact,” and a Florida sheriff has opened an internal inquiry.

Japan’s Olympic Chief to Step Down Amid Corruption Investigation

Tsunekazu Takeda faces scrutiny in France over payments that prosecutors say were bribes to help Tokyo win hosting rights for the 2020 Summer Games.

Björn Schülke, “Planet Space Rover,” 2004!.?.!Björn Schülke” Planet Space Rover

,” 2004 Fiberglass, timber, metal, motors, screen, cameras, microphone, loudspeaker, sensors, and solar batteries 59 x 59 x 115 in/ 150 x 150 x 292 cm 118.1 in/ 300 centimeters, size 114.2 in/ 290 cm, elevation Björn Schülke goes after a creative style that is similarly influenced by contemporary abstraction and instruments of clinical dimension. The slow calculated motions in his sculptures spatially take into consideration mass and also weight of form. Additionally affected by the Dadaist tradition as well as Jean Tinguely, the style of a ridiculous maker is type in Schülke’s work. Happily transforming online spatial energy into energetic responses, his objects explore photovoltaic panels, infrared monitoring, and also moved wind power. A number of his larger kinetic sculptures combine components of security technologies, robotics, interactive video clip and sound. Schülke’s active sculptures examine the means in which we connect with contemporary innovation: on going into the installment site, the audience enters into the ‘system’ as the works (some freestanding, others put on hold) monitor or react to the human aspect.

Video thanks to the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

To find out even more about Schülke’s work, please see: q1SDQx.

Rwanda, DR Congo to tighten common border control to prevent Ebola spread – MENAFN.COM

Rwanda, DR Congo to tighten common border control to prevent Ebola spread – MENAFN.COM

Rwanda, DR Congo to tighten common border control to prevent Ebola spread MENAFN.COM Ebola outbreak in east Congo’s main city tests flexibility of response National Post Stop the Ebola crisis in the Congo before it turns into global disaster | TheHill The Hil…

Amazon Is Coaching Cops on How to Obtain Surveillance Footage Without a Warrant

Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, is teaching police how to convince residents to share camera footage with them.

Harrowing Video Shows 2-Year-Old’s Wild Ride on a Baggage Conveyor Belt at Atlanta Airport

A 2-year-old boy made a harrowing journey through the baggage bowels of an Atlanta airport after climbing onto a conveyor belt at an unattended ticket counter while his mother reportedly wasn’t looking. Read more…

New Campaign Demands End to Amazon’s Partnerships with Police

People can sign a petition urging their local government to forbid police partnerships with surveillance companies like Amazon’s Ring.

WATCH: Pregnant woman tries to stop car thief

A pregnant woman was seen on surveillance video attempting to stop a car thief at an Atlanta gas station and being briefly dragged as her vehicle was being driven away.

Surveillance footage shows a group of hostages ganging up on their armed captor at an Arizona convenience store, smashing a crate into him and hitting him with shoes

A group of hostages overtook the gunman holding them captive in an Arizona convenience store, wrestling his gun away, hitting him with objects, and kicking him into submission, a new video shows. The incident happened in May 2018, but Maricopa County authorit…

Huawei phone sales increased by over 20 percent despite sanctions

Huawei has seen its business hold steady through the first half of 2019 despite the international issues that surround it. The company has been accused of being too close to China’s leadership, producing insecure products that could be used for surveillance. …

Surveillance video shows Dayton police take down shooter; ‘saved literally hundreds of lives’

In one video, the shooter, identified by police as Connor Betts, is seen running toward the open doors of a bar and falls feet from the entrance.

Justice Department Calls for Investigation Into Brooklyn Jail Where Heat and Power Failed

Justice Department Calls for Investigation Into Brooklyn Jail Where Heat and Power Failed

The department said Wednesday it had asked its internal watchdog to examine problems at the Metropolitan Detention Center that left inmates in the dark and cold.

Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Trump’s War on the Inquiries Around Him

A review by The Times found a continuous effort by President Trump to derail federal law enforcement and a public campaign to discredit the investigations on him.

N.B.A. and Kings Will Investigate Claim Against Luke Walton

The Kings coach was accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Temple of Time – Installation!.?.!The setup is housed inside

a deserted 20-foot shipping container at Southern Pine Company, Savannah Georgia in United States. The sidewalls are studded with 867 small clock devices as well as one big clock system, both with an affixed red used. Jointly, they develop a cacophony of ticking noises. The experience of strolling among the ticking clocks and also getting to completion of the container to see one’s own projected image with an omniscient perspective from a monitoring electronic camera affixed to the container ceiling. It develops the audience as the one being watched. Nevertheless, the one being seen is at the same time the viewer. A deconstruction of the well established idea of reviewing a clock and also transforming them into visual items is checked out in the setup-© Temple of Time (2014), Jagrut Raval.