Counter Intelligence | Part II – The Deep State


Shining a Light on Black Operations

This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has arisen over the last 50-100 years. Manipulating elections, overthrowing foreign governments, and secret assassinations are just a few of the heinous acts committed in the name of national security. Now that Edward Snowden has blown the lid off of the NSA’s Prism snooping program, this film series is even more important and relevant.

Part 2: The Deep State
For the first time during the Iran-Contra scandal, Americans get a look at the secret programs and operations of their government. Other topics include Watergate and the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs is essentially a massive coverup that allows criminal syndicates to generate massive profits and commit acts of murder and bribery with impunity throughout the United States and South America.

Eqbal Ahmad — “Revolution in the Third World”!.?.!1975- Eqbal is delivering the closing talk at a Teach-In arranged by University of Michigan students. Held from November 2-4, this three-day teach-in
explored the role of technology in company and also federal government” control.” Certain topics consisted of: assassinations, company control, subversion of the pressures of dissent, authorities dataveillance, surveillance and suppression, and also mind control. Politeness: Eqbal Ahmad FB Fan Page).

Wireboy’s Desire!.?.!Test video using a security cam and also different illumination circumstances in prep work for a future scene in Wireboy. Wireboy: Craig Jacobson The Artist: Cassandra Sechler Even more details below:

Waffle House Chair, Ex-Housekeeper Settle Sex Tape Lawsuit

Waffle House Chair, Ex-Housekeeper Settle Sex Tape Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached in a seven-year long dispute between Waffle House Chairman Joseph Rogers Jr. and his former housekeeper, who secretly recorded them having sex.

Woman: Too Drunk to Consent to Sex With Ex-UW Player Cephus

A second woman who says she was raped by former University of Wisconsin football player Quintez Cephus in his apartment in Madison testified Wednesday that she had been too drunk that night to consent to sex.

Hackers Reportedly Break Into SyTech, a Contractor for Russia's Federal Security Service

Hackers Reportedly Break Into SyTech, a Contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service

Hackers breached servers at a contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), SyTech, and stole about 7.5 terabytes of data after gaining access to the company’s entire network earlier this month, ZDnet reported on Saturday. Read more…

Windows Quietly Patches Bug That Could Reverse Meltdown, Spectre Fixes for Intel CPUs

Microsoft has fixed a “serious security flaw in Intel processors” that threatened to undo both companies’ work patching the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, Tom’s Guide reported on Tuesday. Read more…

Video shows Dayton gunman in bar hours before shooting

Security camera footage obtained exclusively by CNN shows Connor Betts’ movements on the night of the Dayton gunman’s mass shooting. CNN’s Chris Cuomo has the details

Cryptocurrency loan site YouHodler exposed unencrypted user credit cards and transactions

A cryptocurrency loan startup exposed reams of customer credit cards and user transactions for almost a month — because it forgot to protect the server with a password. Security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar found the database belonging to YouHodler, a…

A mistakenly exposed password let a hacker access internal Comodo files

A hacker gained access to internal files and documents owned by security company and SSL certificate issuer Comodo by using an email address and password mistakenly exposed on the internet. The credentials were found in a public GitHub repository owned by a C…

Trump threatens Apple with tariffs, Google with investigation on Twitter

The president of the United States called out two of the nation’s largest tech firms in a pair of tweets this morning. Google was the first target. The statement follows weeks of suggested investigations of the tech giant over a supposed relationship with Chi…

Flaws in widely used corporate VPNs put company secrets at risk

Researchers have found several security flaws in popular corporate VPNs which they say can be used to silently break into company networks and steal business secrets. Orange Tsai and Meh Chang, who shared their findings with TechCrunch ahead of their upcoming…

Cloudflare will stop service to 8chan, which CEO Matthew Prince describes as a “cesspool of hate”

Website infrastructure and security services provider Cloudflare will stop providing service to 8chan, wrote Matthew Prince in a blog post, describing the site as a “cesspool of hate.” Service will be terminated as of midnight Pacific Time. “The rationale is …

SHADOWS (2015)

Based on current news events and also set in the year 2037, ‘Shadows’ is a modern Orwellian style vision of the future. The short sci-fi film shows just how the UK government will certainly use basically all electronic technology for monitoring and control over the general population, inevitably becoming a totalitarian state.

“The Informant” by Schmidt Video Productions

Alex Watkins- Jenelle Kidd
Girl in Bar – Shelly Lehman
Male on Phone -Joshua Schmidt
Team Directed By Joshua Schmidt Written By Justin Dehn Supervisor of Photography Nick Hillyard Aide Editor

Dave Dammar Editor Nick Hillyard Sound Engineer Eric Bjornstad Aide Camera Dave Dammar Manufacturing
Assistant Adam Haviland Production Assistant Justin

Dehn Music Joe Kurysh Eric Bjornstad Feat Coordinator Justin Dehn Special Thanks To–. Ramada Mall of America.

Bloomington, MN.
Mark Newman.

Chatterbox Pub.

MN. Michael Deranek.

Minneapolis, MN.

Edina, MN.

Michael Brown's Father Wants Investigation Reopened

Michael Brown’s Father Wants Investigation Reopened

The father of Michael Brown is seeking a new investigation of the white Ferguson police officer who fatally shot the black and unarmed teenager nearly five years ago.

Rabbi, Sons Spat at, Cursed in Munich; Police Investigating

Police in the German city of Munich are investigating a rabbi’s report that he and his two sons were insulted and spat at on the way home from synagogue.

European Tour Suspends Olesen Pending Assault Investigation

The European Tour has suspended Thorbjorn Olesen pending the investigation into his arrest on charges of being drunk on an aircraft and assaulting a female passenger while she slept.

Barr Again Casts Doubt on Russia Inquiry’s Origins, Aligning With Trump’s Attacks

Barr Again Casts Doubt on Russia Inquiry’s Origins, Aligning With Trump’s Attacks

Mr. Barr said his review of the investigation has turned up “inadequate” answers. But some former officials expressed concern he was deliberately undercutting it.

The Week in Business: The China Trade War Clobbers the Markets

Plus, where should police departments draw the line with facial recognition surveillance?

Creep East!.?.!Creep East 2019. A recurring collection of job. Need to enjoy other individuals feels like something that is essential to being human. Creep East depicts lives looks doing daily points in new property spaces found in East London.